A Quick Full-Body Beach Session

Written by: Monica Bestek

Summer Holidays! Hell Yes!

Sun on your skin, lathered in sunscreen, and the cool ocean breeze to keep you fresh – the highlight of nearly every Aussie’s summer! What I love to do when I’m on holidays is take advantage of the location, get out early to beat the heat, and work up a good sweat. This could be a run along a picturesque headland, a walk up a mountain to scope out the amazing view, or a workout on the beach just using my own body weight! It’s important to keep active even whilst on holidays – it makes you feel physically and mentally AWESOME! 

Here’s a quick full-body beach workout!

Start by warming up with a jog – I like to run the length of the beach – this obviously depends on how long the beach is but I aim for 2 – 5 minutes of warmup.


10 Half Burpee Tuck-Jumps

Start in a standing position with feet shoulder width apart. Lower yourself into a squat and lean forwards to put your hands flat on the ground. Kick your legs back together as one into push up-position. Then, jump your feet back in to the squat position and explode upwards bringing your knees into your chest.


20 Squats into Leg Raises

Lower your body into a sitting position with thighs parallel to the ground. Explode back out from the squat position – this is where the action happens.  Squeeze your bum, transfer your weight from your heels to your toes and raise up onto your toes while squeezing your calves. Lower yourself back down with control onto your heels and back into the squat.


20 V-Sits

Start with legs straight and elevated and arms straight next to your body. Bend your legs at the knees bringing them towards your chest and elevate your torso to form a “V”. Lower back into the starting position with control and repeat.

I have another awesome workout in the works, which involves the beach and a little drawing in the sand so stay tuned workout buddies 😛

Enjoy your Summer! And if you’re on the other side of the world freezing your butt off, you can still do these exercises in the comfort of your lounge room 🙂 


Article by Mon – M.B Harper

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