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7 Rising Fashion Bloggers You Need to Know

Written by: Zanita Studio

In regards to fashion blogging, we understand how discouraging it can feel to see repeat names pop up over and over or how dodgy it is to have the same old salad and same old song.

But at the same time it’s imperative to recognize the journey and examine the fruits of laborious work. There’s a perpetual, veritable passage to fashion blogging evidenced by the the cream of the crop. And thanks to them for leading the way, there’s a new wave of influencers prowling the digital space. Whether it was through osmosis feeding creative souls or out of pure desire to abandon a creative rut, they’re proof that those who hustle for it can too climb up the ranks. Here we share our list of 7 rising fashion bloggers you should add to your radar:


#1 Gizele Oliveira of Gizelle a Go Go



Gizele is unpredictable, but always fun and it probably doesn’t hurt that she looks like a model (..or is)! A scroll through her blog will surely take you through a fashionable adventure and give you a glimpse into the reality of a model’s life.

#2 Kaitlyn Ham of Modern Legacy



No one combines architecture and fashion quite like Kaity. She’s somehow minimalistic yet always on trend. She’s also got knack for making black & white feel new so if monochrome is your thing, we assure you, Modern Legacy won’t fail to amaze.

#3 Jenny Tsang of Tsangtastic



In-depth edgy and feminine – Jenny is your girl, always flawlessly decked in leather, ruffles, fur, & lace. She’s a city girl with beautiful, editorial-esque images painted all over her blog. It’s the ideal mashup of California x New York.

#4 Paola Alberdi of Blank Itinerary



Paola can easily be mistaken for a fashion stylist resulting from her ability to cull outfits that strike the perfect balance of classy and trendy. Hailing from So-Cal, she’s got that innate free spirit so many of us find mysteriously alluring.

#5 Maja Wyh Maja Wyh



She’s a genius mix master who’s truly perfected the art of layering – somehow appearing classic yet so lived-in. Maja is always impeccable in her variability of proportions and we’re constantly amazed by her adroit draping abilities.

#6 Pandora Sykes of Pandora Sykes



With an incredible shoe collection and eclectic wardrobe, Pandora never puts together a boring outfit – she’s definitely the coolest of cool. Aside from striking outfits, she’s a witty writer with substance.

#7 Hanna Stefansson of Hanna Stefansson



We can’t get enough of the stylish Scandis and Hanna is the splitting image of that! Aside from masterful minimalism and never trying too hard, she manages to incorporate the right splashes of color and pulls together the finest monochromatic outfits.

Don’t forget to share your favorites below!


Image Source Credits – Stockholm Streetstyle, Gizelle a Go Go, Modern Legacy, Tsangtastic, Blank Itinerary, Maja Wyh, Pandora Sykes, Hanna Stefansson


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