6 Beauty Products We All Must Try This Spring

Written by: Susan Hang


We’re almost two weeks into the new year and I’ve already gotten an itch to buy new things by way of updating my Spring wardrobe or succumbing to the dangerously enticing sales. To be frank, I think I’m just done with the blistering cold, which brings me to my next point…what’s new in the beauty department? This time of the year is always a struggle for me, my skin ailments – dry and acne-prone, which I proclaim the worst combination to ever exist. Oh heavens, please help. With that in mind, I always ensure my eyes are deft and ears perked to see what’s launching and worth testing. That sprawls 6 particular things for me – inclusive of products we all (not just me) must try:

#1 Magic Creams

Having only tried makeup from the Charlotte Tilbury line and being completely head-over-heels in love, I can’t help but want to investigate the magic in her Magic Creams.

#2 Sheet Masks

I’ve never been into masking – too high-maintenance for a girl who’s an inch too close to sleeping with makeup on at night. And the traditional way of dipping my hands into a tub, slathering balms all over my face, letting it sit near half an hour, and then washing it off – who’s got time for that? I recently took the Korean route and tried a sheet mask – suddenly, all my problems were resolved. The best part is that there are so many face savers to try! (In depth review coming soon!)

#3 Brow Definer Pencil

I’m sure you’re tired of me lamenting about my barely-there brows, but hey, can’t help that I didn’t hit the eyebrow lottery. For such reason, I can’t live without my beloved brow wiz. What makes this pencil so extraordinary is the color, which we all know can be a nightmare finding the perfect match for Asians. Lucky for me, an update has been made – Anastasia Beverly Hill’s new Brow Definer comes with a triangular tip and I’m convinced that’s all I need to imitate…or should I say, slay the Instagram eyebrow.

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#4 Skincare Makeup

I’m predicting skincare-makeup hybrids to be ubiquitous in the kingdom of bases this year and the Nars Velvet Matte Skin Tint (available in stores Friday at Nars Boutiques) is just the start of that train. It’s a waiting game at the moment, but the soft look, soft touch fluff sounds promising with the added skincare benefits.

#5 Liquid Lipstick

I was already a liquid lipstick fanatic, but didn’t realize how major of a hit it was expected to be now. In my experience, this makes an awesome pick for anyone who loves saturated matte colors sans the dry texture often found in lipsticks. With MAC and Maybelline all coming out with their own versions, there also seems to be an abundance of high & low options for everyone. Time to experiment!

#6 Ceramidin Somethings

Approaching my 30s rather quickly, I’m a sucker for anything promising hydration and youth. In case you haven’t done the research, ceramides are deemed saviors for its ability to intensely moisturize and plump up the skin, which slows down old age. And because I’m willing to try anything kin to the Korean craze (just look at them!), I’m really ogling Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Liquid.

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