5 Under the Radar Beauty Bloggers That Top My Blogroll

Written by: Susan Hang

With the myriad of beauty products floating around, there’s no possible way I can trial every item that catches my eyes although I’d love to in a perfect world. Plus, it can get pretty expensive. I like to do much research on the backend before following through with a beauty purchase so I try as hard as possible to see how a product works and looks on a certain human. The point I’m getting at is that’s exactly why beauty blogs are so crucial and why I’m such an avid beauty blog reader – always on the look out for new comers with that inherent cool factor, a creative eye for photography (flat lays and product shots can’t be basic anymore), and witty commentary (the descriptions must go beyond “this looks really good in photos”). And walking the tenuous path myself, I’m quite the champion of under dogs.

We all know beauty blogging, much like fashion blogging, has its own pool of talent yet it’s equally as difficult to break into. So here I share 5 of my favorite under-the-radar beauty bloggers:

#1 Marie of Marie & The Makeup

marie-makeup-artist-beauty-blogger marie-and-the-makeup-behind-the-scenes

Marie is unique in that she is a professional makeup artist, but in the domain of social media, she’s not quite at the level of Lisa Eldridge, Charlotte Tilbury, or Monika Blunder. Don’t let that fool you though – she’s not any less credible. Her blog is plastered with BTS images of her professional work, product recommendations, and handy dandy tips. I was hooked as soon as I found her!

#2 Tamira Jarrel of Tamira Jarrel

tamira-jarrel-beauty-blogger tamira-jarrel-flat-lay

Formerly known as Lipstick With Some Sunshine (LWSS) and recently rebranded, Tamira proves that there is enough space for anyone in the blogosphere as long as you have the creativity and drive. It didn’t take long before her minimalistic style, meticulous flat lays, and unique product shots disrupted the world of beauty blogs. Make a trip on over – I guarantee you’ll gaze nonstop over her placid yet strong photographic style.

#3 Cynthia of Cynthia Lions

cynthia-lions-beauty-blogger cynthia-lions-flat-lay
Cynthia is a real K.I.S.S-er – everything is short and sweet, but her explorations are plentiful. I don’t know how she gets her hands on so many things, but at least I know I can always head to her blog when I’m in need of a new face wash or lipstick.

#4 Camey of La Petite Primp

la-petite-primp-beauty-blog la-petite-primp-beauty-blog-flat-lay

Simple product shots, but the text is where Camey wins! She offers a fresh perspective on beauty in a low key comical way if that makes any sense. She hasn’t posted in three months, but I hope she comes back soon!

#5 Faith of That’s Just Fabulous

faithpierce_thatsjustfabulous_beauty_blogger thats-just-fabulous-flat-lay
With beautiful, bright, striking images, and carefully crafted graphics, Faith’s blog is definitely one to envy. She has a true knack for writing about beauty in a way that feels so rich and elegant…every post is like *SWOON*. Find out for yourself..

Any under dogs I missed, but should check out? I’d love to know so don’t forget to chime in below!

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Image Source Credits – Marie & The Makeup, Tamira Jarrel, La Petite Primp, Cynthia Lions, That’s Just Fabulous


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