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4 Things to Avoid So You Can Wake Up Happier

Written by: Zanita Studio


Alarm goes off – snooze. Just 5 more minutes! Snooze again. Alarm rings for the nth time – shit, I’m late. Forget it, no make up or breakfast. Maybe I’ll apply some mascara in the car or when I get to work and snag a pop tart…

Can you relate? Likely. We’re all fighting to be self-made, constantly on the go, which means living through late nights, tons of pressure and tons of stress , and waking up to unduly early mornings – who can stay sane living life at this pace? It eventually leads to burn out and maybe you have it confused with happiness, or lack thereof. So take back the reins of your days…a happy start usually results in a happy ending. And we always hear people talk about what you should be doing – i.e. eat a healthy breakfast, take a calming bath, etcetera etcetera, but what about things you shouldn’t be doing?! Here are are 4 things you should avoid in order to wake up happier:

#1 Late night snacks

Don’t eat at least 3 hours prior to sleeping at night – no fruits, no nuts, no vegetables. Totally unrelated to weight gain, late night munchies mean your stomach is still working to digest those goods and in turn, you won’t be able to maximize a good night sleep. Ever wake up feeling physically uncomfortable in your gut? That’s probably why.

#2 The snooze

Chances are that if you hit the snooze once, you’ll be hitting it again. Falling back asleep for even 10 minutes will make you even more tired and dazed than if you had just woken up the first time. We know it’s hard, but just get up.


#3 Social media

Stay off of social media – it’s not the news and you’re not missing out. Social media is one of those things that will have you browsing for hours without even realizing where time is going – it’ll only make you later than you’re already running. That influx of information also starts to create pressure – are others more successful and happier than you right in that exact moment? There’s no need to start the morning off in that light. Another option is to just lay off your phone for a little while.

#4 E-mails

We know the to-do list never stops…the pile just gets higher, but e-mails create stress. They also tend to make the list longer. So wait a little, take a few minutes to enjoy the little things in life before you jump into the madness.

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