10 Ways to Transform Your Snow Day into A Beauty Holiday

Written by: Susan Hang

zanita-red-lips-portraitThanks to Jonas, the entire East Coast was basically snowed in all weekend. Your initial reaction may have been to delight in the extended time off only to realize that there’s nothing much to do but watch endless hours of Netflix or indulge in a digital shopping spree. Although there’s nothing wrong with lazy days clad in your coziest pajamas, it might be a better idea to satiate in some of life’s more consuming beauty routines. It’s especially paramount on days like these, where shielding your face and your body from the flurries and freezing temperatures is mandatory. If you’re unsure of where to start, here are 10 ideas to jumpstart your beauty holiday:

#1 Try the new invigorating face wash

Sparkling water might just be the next big wave in the world of beauty so if you have any carbonated water lying around, mix it with equal parts of tap water and dip your clean face in the concoction for a few seconds. Let the fizz work it’s magic, then pat dry.

#2 Try multimasking

20 minutes can feel time consuming when you’re flustered with work and other life activities so a snow day is perfect to put on a mask since you’ve got no where to go. But don’t just elect one – we all have multiple skin concerns, which may not subsist within the same vicinity of one another. This is where multimasking comes in handy. You’re basically creating a customized face mask by applying several treatments that serve different purposes all at once.

#3 Put on a Hair Mask

I’m super low maintenance when it comes to my hair mostly due to a lack of interest and hopelessness. My hair is always dry because I don’t use conditioner yet I still can’t seem to remember to put a mask on it until I’m already midway through my shower (ain’t no body got time for that) – it’s already too late. So when I do have all the time in the world and nothing to do, a hair mask makes it feel absolutely soft and healthy. You should tend to yours too.

#4 Indulge in a calming bath

I can’t remember the last time I sat in a bath tub although I’ve had Dr. Hauschka Rose Nurturing Bath Essence in my stash for over a year now. A snowy day is the perfect time to actually light some candles and lay in a tub filled with calming oils. When you put something lavishing off for so long you actually start to forget how grand it feels.

#5 Oil up

My skin can never get enough moisture so the timing has been fitting for oils. I can rub some on the bottom of my feet and all over my hands sans the need to walk or wash my hands within 30 seconds of doing so.

#6 Pluck your stray hairs

I’m not a waxer or a threader. I don’t have much brow hair anyways so I just pluck them, but I often forget to amongst the daily grind. I realized how many strays sprouted the other night and spent a good 10 minutes grooming my brows.

#7 Clean out your vanity

We all have our tried and true products – the ones we wear day after day and would buy over and over, but we also have those one-offs we buy impulsively and hardly reach for. This is the perfect opportunity to declutter the vanity and scrap those years-old products. Remember, makeup expires!

#8 Wash your makeup brushes

Ideally, I’d love to wash my makeup brushes and beauty blenders daily, but realistically, I get around to doing it maybe once every 10 days. Take 15-20 minutes to perform a deep cleanse. Nothing is better than fresh, spotless tools.

#9 Practice the winged eyeliner

No matter how many tutorials have piled up, it seems there are many out there who struggle crafting that crisp, covet-worthy winged eyeliner. Well now you have a reason to practice – bring out the makeup remover, q-tips, and all the liners you own. Figure out which medium you’re inclined to.

#10 Perfect the bold lip

Lip liner is officially in, but not that 2000s stripper look. If you’re new to lip lining or wearing bold lipstick period, you can now experiment without the embarrassment. Take a soft tip pencil liner and draw those boundaries to perfection.