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Wrap Up Your Presents the Right Way

Written by: Ben Orkin


benAmong many other chores at home, I am the designated gift wrapper. It is my mom’s absolute worst thing to do ever. When it comes to covering our schoolbooks at the end of each year, she pays someone to do it for her. I’m not mad about the job either. I think that my mom asked me to do it once and I did it so easily that she decided to hand the job over to me. Most of the time, I don’t do anything special like most people with fancy wrapping paper and expensive ribbons. All I simply do is tie a piece of string around the gift and hand it over to my mom. She thinks it’s great, but I just think it’s a fast solution to a unnecessary decorative exercise.
For this year’s Christmas presents, I wanted to make my gift wrapping a little more special while sticking with the “save the trees and recycle paper” idea. I turned to newspaper, something that we all have lying around somewhere. It’s most certainly not an extravagant solution, which makes it even better. I wanted to give it my own spin and so I made a little piece of abstract expressionist art with some black ink and some water. I felt like I was able to express my inner emotions and hidden away feelings through the making of it. I decorated it with my usual string but added a few additional decorative plants that spread Christmas vibes into our hearts and souls. Who would have thought that making your own wrapping paper would be so fun!

Christmas wrapping idea

You will need

  • Black ink
  • Water
  • Newspaper
  • String or twine
  • twigs of Christmassy plants (use plants that dry well)
  • presents



Mix some black ink with a little water in a cup. Lay your newspaper sheets out on a working surface. Pour little drops of the ink and water mixture onto the newspaper. Move the newspaper around which will cause the ink to spread across the page. Leave to dry.


Once the newspaper has dried, wrap your presents. Tie some string or twine around the present and add a twig into the knot for a final decorative finish.



Happy wrapping!


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