Ways to Stay Inspired in a Job You Hate

Written by: Zanita Studio

Ways to Stay Inspired in a Job You Hate

Work is called work for a reason – it’s not really meant to be enjoyed – and that’s the unfortunate starting point for most of us before landing a gig we’re truly passionate about. But until you get there, you must weather the storm.

So how exactly are you supposed to stay focused and motivated when you’re just not feeling it, but there’s no clear exit? Despite feeling stuck, look at the bright side and focus on the little things you can do to make it that much more livable. Here are ways you can reinvent inspiration in your workplace:

#1. Reflect on where you’ve been.

Stop thinking about how much longer you have to go and what lies ahead. Instead, focus on the here & now – the journey that led you to where you are at this instance and how hard you worked for it. Remember that you need to be alive in your journey as you’re en route to the next chapter. This is a simple admonition to work hard and stay focused so you can enjoy the fruits of your efforts later.

#2. Find a mentor.

It’s always easier to stay inspired when you meet someone full of energy and inspiring. Fortunately, in any organization, there is always at least one influential person who exudes nothing but positivity. Find that person and allow them to mentor you. A mentor can help navigate you through the difficulties you encounter in your career and shine perspective where it isn’t so visible. You’ll easily absorb their wisdom and vitality. (Side Note: A mentor can be formal or informal. You can also have multiple mentors – take advantage of that.)

#3. Make new office friends.

Get out of your cube and talk to new people. You might actually meet your next BFF. You can do this through attending company-wide networking events, onsite classes, or just introducing yourself at meetings. We all know that an unpleasant work week is more tolerable when you’re surrounded by great company.

#4. Actually go to lunch.

Leave the office and run out to lunch. A quick whiff of fresh air, glimpse at nature, and contact with the sun can make all the difference. And no better way to top that off than with great food and human interaction.

#5. Start a tradition.

If you’re finding your office or team environment quite dull, spice it up a little. Celebrate each others’ birthdays with homemade cupcakes, a mini breakfast of coffee and bagels, or a sweet afternoon snack. Try a once-a-month potluck or themed apparel to get your engagement up. You might just catch yourself jumping out of bed to do your share of fun.

#6. Create an inspiring environment.

Decorate your office! What perfect timing with Christmas just around the corner. Add some gusto with photos of your loved ones, a mood board that inspires you, sentimental pieces, and decor that lifts your mood.

Image Source Credits – Claire Alice Young, Kiki Sloane