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The Ultimate Accessory for London Day to Night

Written by: Zanita Whittington


London will always hold a steady place in my heart. It seems only fitting we shoot this project for Michael Kors Moments in this city – because of the special significance it has for me. There’s nothing like a sparkling accessory – a gorgeous gold watch-  to get you in the mood for a divine night out!

Zanita-Michael-Kors-1Of course London one of the most majestic and stunning cities in Europe – but it’s also my cultural homeland (I have convicts as ancestors and my last name is Whittington – nuff said) and a city where I first experienced a career revelation. As you might know, before I began my foray into blogworld I was working as a model. I loved my career but never really had high or longterm hopes as my agency told me, the only other place I could get work in the ENTIRE world, was Germany.

So I hauled off to Hamburg, got more work than I had ever enjoyed in my whole career and treated myself to a weekend in London, for the first time ever. With my new found confidence I additionally booked myself into a few modelling agencies for meetings – and promptly got signed to one of the best agencies in town. It was one of the most thrilling moments of my young life (I was just 21) and something I’ll never forget. London was the place I took my career into my own hands… and it was the same year I began my blog. Zanita-Michael-Kors-4

The second special moment I shared in London – my first proper date with Gustav! We first met over 2 years ago in Stockholm and had an awkward daytime date before I flew out, back to Amsterdam and onwards to NYC and the rest for Fashion Month. We had kept in touch over Whatsapp/Skype and decided to meet again in London to figure out if this was the real thing. I was treated to a Broadway show (Monty Python! Love!) and the rest is history.  While the pair of us were snapping these images around Leicester Square and Piccadilly the nostalgia kicked in and I couldn’t help laughing about our awkward first date moments… including hearing Gustav sing “Always Looks On The Brightside” very loudly and very off key during the show’s finale. The cutest.


So a special thanks to Michael Kors for teaming up with us to bring you these special London Moments, getting ready, heading out to see ‘Cats’ in Leicester Square and going shopping in London’s iconic Chelsea. I’m often having to keep my looks simple while I’m travelling – so I love taking packing a glamourous accessory or two to elevate my outfit in an elegant way.  Hope you like these pics!!

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