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The One Thing You’re Doing That Kills Productivity

Written by: Zanita Studio

b7a2dbcd38121c958ceb68fe707a6edbWe know this sounds so contradictory because we’ve done nothing but promote multitasking in manifesting a successful lifestyle, but it turns out this very habit we’ve all been raised on could be the one thing that kills our productivity. From a big picture perspective, multitasking makes sense – you’re a mom and you go to work or you work full-time and freelance on the side. But if you think about your day-to-day functions, multitasking may not be the best approach, quietly leading you to inefficiency.

Now is the time to start monotasking – focusing on one thing singlehandedly until you’re done (be sure to make that one of your resolutions for 2016) – and here are three things that are guaranteed to happen while you’re at it:


As we enabled multitasking to control our lives over the years, our attention span has become shorter and shorter…almost like we get the jitters if we can’t do more than one thing at a time. It’s a hard and bad habit to break, but time to make some shifts. Doing only one thing truly allows you drown in it, learn and understand it, and most importantly, get it done. Ever notice how you tend to forget or miss out on something when you’re in a meeting but checking your e-mail (or Instagram)? Or texting while driving, which just forces you to the side of the road? And even listening to music while working – you’re singing along not really working…Good bye to those days.


Monotasking promises focus, which positively correlates with efficiency. Focusing on one thing from start to finish means you’ll get it done faster. You may even find it beneficial to break up your tasks into chunks and only dedicating a limited time allotment to them until you’re finished. This is especially helpful for those of us who have limited attention spans. No more social media or coffee breaks every 5 minutes. You’ll learn quickly that the full completion of one thing will give you the confidence and energy to transition to the next.


Alongside increased focus and efficiency is the chief: Quality. Doing only one thing means you value what you’re working on, it’s a priority, and it’s significant. With this notion in mind, you’ll begin to approach your work seriously and as a result, the outcome of what you do improves naturally.

Keep in mind that monotasking doesn’t mean halting all other happenings around you. It’s all about removing distractions (i.e. your phone) and placing emphasis on one thing – one thing only.

Image Source Credits – Local Milk Blog