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The Most Important Lessons I Learned in 2015

Written by: Susan Hang

b33cb6aae97f0287a4f04d2d6e4a5275I’m one devoted to acting in retrospect so it’s no surprise I’ve already rounded up my favorites lessons from this year. Life, as we know it, comes with ups & downs and I certainly have had my fair share of struggles. However, 2015 marks an especially distinct year for many reasons – the best being able to experience and appreciate the full circle of the lessons below. Although they’re far from anything revolutionary, they’ve definitely hit the sweet spot this year and if you’re unable to say the same,

I hope some day in the near future, you’re able to reflect back on this post and think “ahhh, that’s what she meant”…

#1 Stop victimizing yourself.

No one is against you. Life is not working to make you miserable. Stop feeling sorry for yourself, stop making excuses. The mind can be a scary place, but it’s all in your perspective – you have a choice. Believe in yourself, your ability, and take the wheel.

#2 Don’t rely on others.

I admit, I’m a people pleaser. I want to make everyone happy and that is not realistic. I’ve always felt a sense of security or value in making other people happy, but guess what? Making people happy makes no sense if you’re not happy. Don’t rely on other people to bring you fulfillment or increase your self-worth and if you think you’re finding it in your friendships or intimate partners, you’ll realize soon how quickly that dissipates. The root of happiness and fulfillment starts within yourself.

#3 Risk is necessary for growth.

Many people are unwilling to take risks in their life out of being afraid and I’m just here to echo that if it doesn’t scare you, you’re probably not doing anything worthwhile. All you need is to do is set your feet on the course that makes you uncomfortable, anxious, or timid. If you’re constantly doing the same thing day in and day out, nothing is ever going to change. The biggest risk I took this year was dropping the benefits and security of my corporate job. Some call me irresponsible and I’m fearful every day of the hazards that may pop up, but I can’t worry about that otherwise I’ll never grow…instead, I’ll deal with it as it comes.

#4 Be Afraid of Stagnance.

It doesn’t matter how slowly you’re evolving…it might take months and even years, but something major will come out of it. If there’s only one thing in life you should be afraid of, that is stagnance – being still, never growing, never doing anything new. The lesson here – always work towards something.

#5 Be Patient.

Don’t be so quick to give up. When I started my blogging journey 5 years ago, I’d constantly think this is such a waste of time and energy…I saw no purpose in what I was doing, but it gave me something to do, something to learn so I kept at it. If you ask me now whether I thought I’d ever be employed in the dynamic “blogging industry”, I’d have said “HELL NO..I don’t have the personality, resources, or network…hell I live in a not-so-fashionable city”.

But here I am today, under one of the most respected fashion bloggers in the world…(so humbled and grateful to be here through the course of wasteful weekends that turned out not to be so wasteful after all). Always work hard and be patient – you don’t want to spend your entire life in the wrong place.


– Susan

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