Editorial Comments

The Guest Edit With Glamour Magazine

Written by: Zanita Whittington


Some might say looking into direct sunlight is ill advised, but fashion editorials know no pain.

151030_Glamour_ZanitaWhittington_sh02_29688v2It’s all for the cause – and I’m not one to complain, especially when I’m likely spending a third of the year hunched like Golum over a Mac (my precioussss) and staring dreamily into the neon lit screen. Sometimes a little sun can be good for the constitution, to reinvigorate the sense – and though I’ve had ample opportunities to pose up a storm in magazines throughout my modelling career, these days it’s a different kind of achievement entirely.

I found myself hesistant to be decisive when it came to styling this piece – modelling comes naturally to me and therefore being asked about my opinion does not! I also have a hard enough time deciding what to have for breakfast or captioning my latest foodsta-gram (#cornfritter?) without making calls about what outfit to wear in one of the USA’s biggest magazines.

Thankfully we have our friends JW Andersen and Cynthia Rowley to ease the decision making process.

Not to mention photographic super talent David Gubert whose work I’ve been a fan of since I discovered the wonders of fashion imagery. Love his high impact style and the way he captures feminine energy.

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 8.04.56 amIf you’re US based don’t forget to look out for the latest issue of Glamour magazine to catch the full article, which includes all my advice for getting the best out of a photograph.

Look 1 – JW Andersen sweater and skirt, Ryan Storer earrings, Derek Lam Crosby 10 Clutch. Look 2 – Cynthia Rowley tunic and pants, Derek Lam mules, Mark Cross Bag, Ryan Storer Earrings. 

Photographer – David Gubert

Hair and  Make-up – Max May

Model and Styling – Zanita Whittington

Styling Assistant  – Monica Bestek