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My In-Flight Beauty Essentials

Written by: Zanita Whittington

‘scuse the look of scary intense enthusiasm.

I may have been overcompensating, having not slept for 20 hours, applying my travel strategy in order to combat the symptoms of switching timezones. As you read this, I’m in the throes of having to do it again LONDON/HONG KONG/SYDNEY.

If I had the time, I’d endeavour to stay in Hong Kong for some adventures and R&R – it’s such an exciting and vibrant city. At least I get a little piece of that experience flying Cathay Pacific, I can’t stress what a relief it is to know everything will run gracefully on my journey. Each time I get on the plane, I suffer from a mild case of Stockholm Syndrome and I absolutely don’t want to get off! The stewards are so polite, even when I request we ‘go another lap’. I’m in my seat, I live there now. So cosy.

Something I do have a grip on – my In-flight beauty routine. If I’m not diligent I’ll end up with an incredibly dry and dull complexion, prone to breakouts. One thing that’s totally essential – moisture! I hope you like my video – and apologies again for being a little bit scattered. We really filmed this a 2am in the morning from our departure!

Thanks again Cathay Pacific, such a wonderful way to fly. #lifewelltravelledCat-street-markets-plane-airport-vintage-hong-kong