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How You Can End 2015 With a Bang!

Written by: Zanita Studio

How You Can End 2015 With a Bang!

The year is quickly coming to a close and with Christmas making an entrance in just a few more days, the New Year will be here before you know it. That being said, have you done anything lately to ensure you’ll finish off the year strong?

All the small things you’ve been putting off – time to tackle them now. And all those goals you made back in January can’t possibly be checked off, but it’s ok…can’t mope over what’s already been done. It’s only natural that we fall behind a smidge or into the temptation of indulging in that no-good stuff we promised ourselves not to about 12 months go. However, what’s important is that you pick up where you left off and keep it going. With such few days left in the year, here’s a simple 3-step guide on how you can end 2015 with a bang!

#1 Make the little things right.

What little baggage do you not want to carry into the new year? Take care of those low-hanging fruits using the remaining days you have off. Clearing your plate now means you can make time for #2 and #3 below as well as start 2016 fresh. Things like changing your oil, filing those excess bits of paperwork, and squeezing in that last doctor’s appointment – scrap them as quickly as you can along with any minor nuances that pop up along the way. They’re not worth piling on your “need-to-do” list as that will only deplete the mental capacity you could use elsewhere.

#2 Assess your situation.

Aside from the little things, this is also a good time to focus on the big stuff. By now, you have a pretty good idea of how the year went for you, but you’re probably not thinking too much about it. Time to start that self-reflection so set aside a day or a few hours (before Christmas) to really marinate on the fruits of your efforts. Are you happy with where you are and what you did? If there was one thing you had really hoped to achieve, but didn’t quite make the mark, what can you do to amend the situation? Remember, successful people never fail, they re-assess and re-play.

#3 Start now!

We’ve all heard that time is now and there’s so much truth to it despite being an overused, boring phrase. If there’s something you really want to accomplish or need to finish, there is no reason to wait for the new year or until after Christmas. Start now. Your beginning doesn’t have to be a full on sprint, but start small with what you have. By the time 2016 comes around, you’ll already be in the right mindset to kick ass.