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How To Master The Scandinavian Minimalist Style

Written by: Sania Claus Demina

Pernille Teisbaek, Columbine Smille, Caroline Blomst, Elin Kling, Sofi Fahrman, Carolina Engman….

Outfit14sep…these babes know exactly how to work that effortless Scandinavian minimalist style. Here is how they do it:


The main secret to looking effortlessly interesting is to have an eye for details. If you see Columbine wearing a navy sweater, note that it’s always a bit more than that.

As in this outfit: the fact that it is ribbed (very on trend) and that it’s got extra long sleeves sure makes it unique. Besides, adding a belt on a sweater like that is for sure a creative way of styling your wardrobe essentials.

4 more creative styling ideas for your wardrobe essentials:

– Leather jacket underneath a furry vest.

– Layering (e.g. a tight turtleneck sweater under a sleeveless dress & a crisp shirt underneath a sweater).

– Any outerwear over your shoulders will instantly give off an effortless vibe to your look, preferably a leather jacket over your favourite striped shirt.

– Leather skirt + grey cashmere sweater will instantly be a party outfit á la Scandinavian fashionista if you add a pair of statement earrings!


These women care a lot about high quality materials. Less is more. Cashmere, wool, silk blends, leather, suede… anything that can breathe and lasts long (and preferably gains character with time) is very important. Denim should also be added to this list.

Scandinavian minimalist style carolina zanita


One other thing these girls have in common is the very simple hair and make up but often with an added twist. Finding a hairdresser that gets it might be a challenge but once you find them it’s golden. Keeping it fresh is key. Usually either or mentality when it comes to make up. Red lipstick = rest of face natural. Fancy eyeshadow = rest of face natural. Etc.


  1. THE WHITE SHIRT. Never goes out of style.
  2. JEANS. Not that easy to find, but once its done, they might be the best thing that ever happened to you. Skinny? Flared? Loose? All of the above please!
  3. BLACK PUMPS. The hight doesn’t matter, as long as they look fabulous.
  4. PLAIN T-SHIRT. Grey, white or black. It’s all gonna look perfect. With anything you wear.
  5. A BLACK TROUSER. Because they are so very easy to style.
  6. FLAT SANDALS. Comfy and chic. Yes please!
  7. THE LITTLE BLACK DRESS. Every girl needs a LBD in their closet. We don’t really need to explain this one, right?
  8. LEATHER JACKET. The easiest and quickest way to look badass!
  9. AN EVERYDAY TOTE BAG. Preferably a black leather or suede one.

Need shopping tips? Head over HERE.


It is,  as already stated, all in the details. Accessories are very essential and it can’t be just anything. Make sure you’ve got a collection of outstanding yet simple pieces of shoes, bags and jewellery. Here are a few suggestions on accessories I imagine a Scandinavian it-girl would be wearing:


These are the most common color combinations that the Scandinavian minimalist style experts seem to like the most:

  • Navy + Black + Golden details
  • Tan + White + Golden details
  • All black (playing with different materials here is important though, gotta keep the dynamics somehow).
  • Cream + Denim Blue
  • All grey with a splash of colour

Well, I guess that pretty much sums the essential parts of how to master the Scandinavian minimalist style up! Do you have any other thoughts on this? Please share your thoughts, so much fun to connect with you guys!! Xo

 /Fashion Editor Sania Claus Demina

Photo Credits: Columbine Smille , Sania Claus Demina, Zanita Studios