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How To Master The Art Of Layering

Written by: Sania Claus Demina

We already heard about the fact that staying warm and stylish is all about dressing in layers…

…but not that many really talk about exactly how to do it. So I thought I would.

Layering is lots of fun and one really gets to go through a creative process while dressing! You don’t necessarily need to do this for the sake of keeping body heat, it’s also a really cool way of styling your outfits.

Anything that is wool+silk blend will keep you warm and is something you can hide underneath your outfit. Whether its stockings or a top – doesn’t matter. If you’re in a cold place, it will definitely help!

Here is a list of ‘layering recipes’ to follow that always works.

Let’s call it the cheat sheet for the art of layering!

  • White shirt + a round or v-neck sweater + jeans of any kind really + coat to throw over your shoulders. Discrete golden chain necklaces will add that final touch to your look.
  • A shirt dress + skirt that is shorter than the length of the dress on top of it. A very popular look we saw all over fashion weeks lately.
  • Another thing you could do with the shirt dress is put on a sweater on top and let it be a shirt skirt! How brilliant?
  • stockholm-fashion-week-street-style-09Wearing a leather jacket underneath your coat is a smart and cool way of layering.
  • Leather jacket underneath your vest is a classic but always gorgeous way to style your layered ensemble.
  • Turtleneck + thin silk scarf around your neck + deep v-neck spaghetti strap dress.
  • Shirt (half tucked in to your trousers) + leather jacket + bag + coat.
  • Shirt + a v-neck sweater + blazer + coat.
  • Tight turtleneck sweater + crispy shirt + a few necklaces of different lengths.

Also, wrapping your sweater around the waist is a cool way of adding details with clothes and will definitely keep your bum warm.

layering1Do you want more tips on how stay warm without compromising your style? Check this post out HERE. 

I really like this Vogue China editorial from 2013. The layering ideas are so good!! Check out the full editorial HERE.

The streetstyle photos are shot by Søren Jepsen for See all the images HERE. 

Do you have any other layering ideas to share with each other? Would be so much fun if you’d like to add some more to that list! Xx



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Sania Claus Demina