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How to go From Amateur to Pro in the Fashion Industry

Written by: Zanita Studio

Today’s fashion industry icons did not enter the territory with an expectation of becoming an overnight sensation or working with high-profile clients.

It was a gradual process that required much sweat, tears, and grit. The competition is stiffer today than ever before with the Internet and social networks shining the light on elite talent and making them more available and accessible. That also means it’s increasingly harder for new comers to break through even if they have the talent, but not the network. For most of us, we put out our best efforts and best work in hopes that it’ll pay off…maybe it will, but there’s that possibility it won’t. This is where certifications and programs like Mastered can make all the difference in the world. Mastered is an online talent program specializing in the fashion sector and at its helm are industry superstars like Nick Knight, Tim Blanks, and Katie Hillier.

Here at Zanita Studio, we believe that dreams come true especially where talent already rises. We strive to inspire, excite, and push you so we’ve already gotten our hands wet at Mastered.

This is what our very own fashion photography mogul, Zanita, has to say while she’s currently enrolled in Photography: Mastered with Nick Knight:

“The program is really about finding the right tools to discover and refine your own aesthetic. We also get a lot of advice about the professional side – detailed insights as to what agents or clients are expecting. The class is online so there are TONS of engaging videos, all featuring highly revered industry pros. It’s self-managed so there’s a lot of flexibility (I know I need to go back and catch up on more elements when I have free time). Another invaluable asset is the community. I was apprehensive with all the students at first, but being able to follow alongside everyone else’s projects has been an amazing learning process. Once a project has been submitted, I’m guaranteed one industry professional will critique it, but with all the other students commenting, you really have access to various opinions, many of whom I respect because the quality of their work is so good. Overall, the program is really like no other I’ve seen online. It’s really interactive with loads of tools and advice for you to create your own professional journey.”

Zanita’s First Project for Mastered With Nick Knight

Susan has just been accepted into Writing: Mastered with Tim Blanks and here are her preliminary thoughts:

“I’m usually always suspicious of these kinds of programs. However, the application process turned out to be a bit intense, requiring a written statement and in-depth phone interview where they ensured my intentions were clear. They’re not just trying to take anyone’s money, they’re really selective, only wanting the cream of the crop. I’m impressed with the agenda so far and excited to be able to pitch to real-life editors…this means I have the chance to be published (WOW!). I’m also excited to dive into the creative process of these masterminds. The class starts in April, but you can still apply – a bigger review to come, I promise!”

For you aspiring accessories designers and jewelry makers out there, they offer an accessories program (Accessories: Mastered with Katie Hillier) that gives you the chance to present to buyers, editors, and designers – all very surreal opportunities.

So invest in yourself, invest in a network, and build your resources – go from amateur to pro.