Here’s What I Discovered When I Searched My Name on Pinterest…

Written by: Zanita Whittington

I’m very late to the party when it comes to Pinterest.

There are only so many hours in a day and in the battle of schedules, it seems Netflix and Snapchat have won over those time slots where Pinterest really had a chance. It was only recently that I discovered the full advantage of Pinterest – a veritable wealth of inspiration and references where google images once reigned supreme. This is now the strongest repository of all things feminine and fabulous.

So I searched myself for the first time just today – and what fun!

I’ve been fortunate to have attended numerous fashion weeks around the world and what comes with that are the throngs of streetstyle photographers. Of course I’ve spotted the odd pic of myself in magazines and on streetstyle websites but where most of those pictures go is really anyone’s guess. Until now, it’s been pretty impossible to source those images, but it seems that Pinterest has been holding them in its clutches. I found so many shots of myself that decided to build this collage and it’s actually been a great exercise in understanding my style sense. So often I’m asked “Describe your personal style” and it leaves me stumped because I think I’m too inconsistent.

Here’s what I learnt about my Personal Style from Pinterest:

  • I love a pop of red.

  • Frills and sweeping layers, yes.

  • Prints and patterns forever – clashing if possible.

  • Midi skirt lengths in a variety of shapes. But never tight.

  • Denim for the win.

  • You can’t go wrong with a cross-body bag.

  • Sneakers or heels with laces and/or animal print.

  • Sleeves always.

  • Texture for a winning statement.

Let me know if you spot anything else consistent in my style…it’s so helpful to be able to recognise consistent traits.

zanita-pinterest-streetstyle zanita-pinterest-streetstyle-2

Photo Credits: WWDStyleSnooperDanLe21emeThe ImpressionThe OutsiderPopsugarVanessa Jackman – FashiolistaCandice LakeStockholm Streetstyle