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Down The Avenue

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Avenue-32-zimmermann-3 Avenue-32-alice-mccall-2 Avenue-32-alice-mccall

Here’s why I got into this business.

For the love of fashion – and all that’s creative in personal style. An outward expression through personal aesthetic that can change with your mood, the seasons, and days of the week. Having a unique sense of style speaks volume about one’s confidence too! Which is why I was delighted when Avenue 32 approached me – because of their wonderfully curated store filled with hard-to-find pieces that suit anyone with a mind for original and items that make a statement – those that are to be treasured in your wardrobe.

I’m so proud to have reached the point where I’m creating these editorials that really represent my vision. The biggest part of it is being able to incorporate these incredible outfits – each as a special masterpiece in its own way. I’ve always dreamt of becoming an actress when I was younger but I feel like my work as a model satisfies that itch as I’m working into a character. Might sound a little crazy… I sometimes refer to myself in third person as model because detaching allows me to let go of insecurities and really dive in a particular mood and story fearlessly without risk.  So here we have a ‘London Belle’, aloof with a wild spirit, who does things her own way and sees the beauty in all things, loves garden parties and pink champagne, folk music, crochet – she doesn’t have Facebook and rides a bike everywhere…

1- White Zimmermann dress.  2- Alice McCall top and skirt. 3- Zimmermann dress.

I hope you like this little story I created in collaboration with Avenue 32. Don’t miss checking out this incredible online store – or our first post which includes an interview with inspiring Owner and Entrepreneur Roberta Benteler.

Don’t miss our first post with Avenue 32!

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