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Written by: Ben Orkin

I can’t believe it’s that time of year again (the best time of year in my opinion)!

AA1A3618 copyAt the end of every year, my family and I go stay at my auntie and uncle’s (who also have children the same ages as my sister and me) house a few hours drive out of Cape Town. They live in Singapore and so this is one of the only times of year that we get to see them and spend time with them. We spend Christmas, and new years with them, but this year only Christmas. My auntie, as well as anyone who isn’t swimming in their warm sunny pool or relaxing on the beach, always make Christmas dinner. This year she’s given us, the children of the family, which are about 4 teenagers including me, the task of making Christmas dinner. Her standards are quite high so it would be fair to say that this is quite the daunting task, but we can do it (I hope). I am the only one in the group who knows how to cook, so it should be an interesting experience and hopefully my cousins learn a thing or two about food. I have sort of taken on the role of leading the troops to Christmas dinner success (without telling anyone). This brings me to the purpose of this post. I put all of these table-setting ideas together to present to my auntie in a neatly bound portfolio to propose my ideas. Just joking, she’s not that strict. I’ve simply put this together to make Christmas dinner an easier process for all. We, the teenagers, won’t have to leave it until the very last minute to decide on how the table should be set because I’m sure that we will have other things to worry about – like a blog post on for inspiration.


I have come up with 5 different Christmas table-setting ideas. Each is uniquely different and has its own personality, if that is possible for a table setting. Please note, I have only set these settings up for one person, not because I will be spending Christmas alone but because I only have one of every plate and cup and spoon etc in my props collection. I hope they inspire you to create a Christmas table setting of your own!

moody table

This table setting includes a dark tablecloth to create a moody, cozier effect. I folded a dishcloth over a large plate and topped with a smaller side plate. Then I place my cutlery on the side of the dishcloth and a small branch of a fern tree to add a Christmassy effect. I tied a name tag onto each branch using string, then sprinkled the table with sea salt to look like snow. Finally I added an assortment small jars filled with plants.


For this setting, I’ve gone with a white tablecloth. This plating is what I like to call the all in one method; everything is in one place. I’ve covered a large pate with a dishcloth, topped it with a side plate and placed a drinking glass in the centre. I’ve added a plant to the mix for an extra decorative edge.


This setting is pretty simple and similar to the idea above. I used a blue ceramic plate, a copper side plate and a glass bowl. I’ve added some flowers and candles on the side.




This next one is also very simple. I’ve arranged a ceramic bowl in a wooden plate. On the left side sits a dishcloth rolled up and held together with string. I tied a twig of a plant into the string.


Finally, this one is for a white Christmas. A simple arrangement of white ceramic plates, dishcloths, plants, cutlery and clear drinking glasses.


Happy table setting!


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