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Checking into my Second Home

Written by: Ben Orkin


I’ve always wondered what it was like to write my very own “checking in” post! It’s probably because I hardly ever check in anywhere, except for this one place: Plettenbergbay – my second home.

Every year, my family and I travel to a little town seven hours outside of Cape Town for our end-of-year holiday. It’s a very small town called Plettenbergbay, which is positioned along the east coast of the western province, South Africa. This is pretty much the only travelling my family does due the incredibly expensive costs that comes with travelling in a group of five (thanks to the strength of the South African Rand). We have been visiting this town for pretty much my entire life so I see it as my second home. I hope to continue the tradition of spending my summer holidays here.

As I have said in previous posts, we are staying with my auntie and uncle in their beautiful home, which is located just in front of a lagoon opening out onto the ocean. I am soon to relocate to a campsite even closer to the lagoon for a week before heading back to Cape Town. Here are some snaps of this beautiful place.

Happy looking!
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