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Checking In: The Knit To End Them All

Written by: Zanita Whittington

vera-wang-knit-chequered-bag-2Hello! I haven’t really done a decent check in with you all in some time.

I’ve been crazy busy with some exciting projects, it’s really none stop up until Christmas. Even my snapchat (I’m zanitazanita!) has been lacking – and I do love snapchat! Suddenly all my favourite bloggers have their own reality TV show.

I’ve just spent a week in London working on meetings and projects and suffering from the worst jet lag. It’s always such a bitch when I travel to a winter destination because it’s so dark, it feels like I always need to be sleeping. Throws me way off work wise – and presents it’s own challenges related to my mood. On that note, I’m feeling a little better and thanks so kindly to all of you for your generous comments of support.

Gustav and I were actually due to be living in New York right now – but have experienced delays related to Visas and the like. We’ve already rented out our apartment in Stockholm – meaning we’re homeless and shuffling from hotel to airbnb and back. Ain’t cheap! Hurry up January.

All this means more time in Australia, so I’m writing this on yet another journey between Europe and Down Under. At least it’s summer in Australia! Gustav and I are hoping to score an apartment near the beach and some vitamin D in Sydney before flying to Tasmania for one of the coolest gigs we’ve undertaken yet. I don’t want to jinx it so I won’t spill the beans yet – expect some pretty sweet Instagram updates real soon.

I’ve started reading again lately and I’m so happy about it. I always thought of watching TV shows as my relaxing escape, but reading is so much more rewarding. I’m into Fantasy Fiction – if there’s dragons and swords and elves? I’m down… anyone else out there a Fantasy Nerd?? Would love your recommendations!

Anyway, back to fashion – can we talk about this knit? It’s from Vera Wang and perhaps the most luscious thing I own. Lucky me huh? Can you tell from these images the weight of it? It’s made from some kind of satin-y threads and is deliciously warm. I wore it in Stockholm without a coat and got along just fine. I’ve since left all my other warm clothes behind because winter wardrobes are a pain to haul across continents. These Bliss and Mischief jeans have been on repeat more times than I care to admit. They’re actually the most $$$ jeans I have but wear for wear, easily worth it – so much so that I’m thinking of investing in another pair.

I’m about to board! Hope this hasn’t been too much of a drag – and hope you like these images! I’ve learnt some new editing techniques lately, for finer and richer detailing. It’s reinvigorated my love for photography.



knit, Vera Wang

jeans, Bliss and Mischief 

bag, Marcs

shoes, Senso