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4 Important Things To Consider Before Shopping Winter Sale

Written by: Sania Claus Demina

Ahh!! The big winter sales are happening…danger alert!

katFeels like we were talking about fall collections dropping in just yesterday and suddenly, it’s all on sale. Ok, not all, but loads of amazing goodies are

It’s easy to get super excited which often results in irrational shopping. We’ve all done it more than once – bought those things we thought were SUCH great bargains and then it ended up in a corner of the closet. Since I have the tiniest apartment and just can’t let anything in it, I’ve been trying to get into the habit of thinking my purchases through more than once before pressing the order button.

I’ve created a list of 4 things to consider before proceeding to checkout. Hopefully it will help you too!

#1 Do you want to wear it right away?

This is one of my favourite things to consider any time I shop really and not only during sales. ESPECIALLY during sales though. So, ask yourself: ‘do I want to wear this right away?’. You know that excitement that you just can’t wait to put it on before you’ve even walked out of the store? You already have a thousand outfits you KNOW it’ll give new life to? If yes, then go for it. If not, a mistake might be happening.

20130317-012648#2 Careful with trend items

If you already own fifty eight knitted dresses, do you really need one more? Be careful with the trend items (unless something you personally always likes is a trend, then it’s fine. For me that’d be anything dusty pink for example). Generally, shopping wardrobe essentials during sale is very smart.

#3 Set up plan/budget

Take a look inside your closet and see if there is anything you actually need. Also, a good idea would be to set up a budget. It’s so easy to get carried away…

#3 About the size…

If it’s not your size, leave it. Return it. Run away from it.

#4 Sanity

Close your eyes and count to ten. Don’t shop while being all hyped up. Your brain is too excited and you aren’t thinking straight. That is NOT a moment to shop. Even though it really feels like it. If possible, sleep on it. Wait a bit. Let it sink in. You will notice how many times you may actually change your mind or how the love and excitement for whatever you’re buying grows!


Here are 23 things I have curated for you from the sales that I think are great either because its investment pieces and/or very on trend at least next season too:

Do you have any more tips you’d like to share?


 /Fashion Editor Sania Claus Demina

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