The Best Reasons To Travel Alone

Written by: Susan Hang

For the longest time, I was always afraid to travel alone from fear of getting lost in a major airport and lacking the ability to navigate a city solo. And then I’d have these bizarre visions of getting kidnapped or robbed by the crazy locals. I also often feared not having anyone to talk to and seeming like a lunatic loner. But to my surprise, I’ve actually learned that these single, spontaneous adventures can be so therapeutic and is something that really allows you to grow on the inside out. So here, I leave you with the best reasons to travel alone:


– Go at your own pace.

Ever felt like you’re inconveniencing people whenever doing anything in a pack be it shopping, eating on the go, or even running to the restrooms? By nature, I’ve always been such an accommodating person that I’m willing to do whatever someone else wants to do and leave when someone is ready to leave. Traveling alone allows you to be random, turn at any point, get lost, and then be found without having to worry about anyone else. You can take all the time in the world to really immerse yourself in a city or rush out of it sans structure, time constraints, and plans.

– It Builds confidence.

All those previously mentioned fears are pretty much tossed out the window when you travel alone. Being solo forces you to get out of your comfort zone, which makes you uncomfortable and essentially builds your confidence. It also highlights and improves your communication skills by forcing you to approach and connect with people you don’t know. This only gets better with time.

Although I’ve always had a sense of direction in life, that tendency is basically nonexistent when it comes to navigating the streets and even more so when I’m alone. Getting lost has always been my biggest fear – I couldn’t read a map to save my life. But for the first time when I spent an entire day in NYC alone, I realized it wasn’t as bad as I had imagined all these years. Sure, I got lost a few times, made more than a few turnarounds, but ultimately, I did it – I navigated myself around the city alone. I talked to people with all kinds of accents and it felt great. Without a doubt, I’d do it again.


– You Become decisive.

Just like the point above, you really have to take charge. You’re forced to make quick decisions when you’re alone because there’s no one else to retrieve an opinion from. Everything is dependent upon yourself, from the places you see to the places you eat. You decide when to cross the street, take a cab, ride the metro, or walk.

Decision-making and having faith in your choices is truly a key skill you establish whenever solo and also something that you can take back to your every day life.

– It clears your mind.

Seeing new places and new faces without distraction really resets your mind. It allows you time to reflect on your routines, your goals, and habits. What can you do differently and how can you improve your quality of life? You’ll find yourself pondering the lifestyles of the denizens you see passing by and even think to yourself if you can be like that some day too…then you return home and you act on it.


– Susan

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