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How To Stay Warm Without Compensating Your Style This Winter

Written by: Sania Claus Demina

Its time for the most difficult fashion challenge of the year!

The cold is getting real. Especially up here in Stockholm where the temperatures this morning dropped to -5°C! Some parts of Sweden even already got snow coming down. Dressing warm and stay on trend or at least stylish isn’t the easiest task but still quite doable! I still struggle a bit every year but spending all winters (that last for about 6-8 months!!) of my life here definitely made me find ways to cope with the cold without needing to compensate on style, trends or fun shoes too much.



This is probably not news to you, but it can’t be stressed enough. Layering is the best way to stay creative when dressing up is more about survival than looking good. You’ve all heard about it before and thought we should take it to the next level by talking about how exactly the best ways to do it. Stay tuned for a separate post on the art of layering party people! Very excited to share some tips and tricks. Ok, moving on…

Choice Of Materials

Layering is awesome but sometimes it doesn’t matter how many sweaters you’re wearing. What really makes a difference is what thermal insulating value the clothes have. It’s all about how well a fabric you’ve put on can conserve your own body heat. Natural materials such as wool will keep the heat in place. Tweed is also great at conserving body heat and very on trend this season! Silk (especially mixed with wool) is another fabric that you should have in mind when dressing up for cold weather and it’s obviously very stylish! You should generally avoid synthetic fibers (there are exceptions though) meaning skipping polyester and nylon since these tend to suffocate your skin (which leads to sweats that in low temperatures probably will result in a flu).


The Best On Trend Pieces That Will Keep You Warm

Here is a list of the key pieces you should get your hands on if you want to stay fashionable, no matter how cold it is outside. Did you already check off the list? If not, I also attached some shopping tips, both from high street and high end brands!


“I was consulting a shoe brand on shoe trends a while ago. With excitement, I pointed out a pair of patent thigh high boots (presented to them by one of the factories they work with) and my clients reaction was a confused face and quote:…”

…read the full article about the secret to how actually style your thigh high boots HERE



Wear it with your favourite sneakers or any boots and you’re good to go! Personally love this trend!! Got so many knitted dresses in my closet already, crossing fingers it’ll be around next year too! What do you think of it?



The most casual way of wearing this would be with jeans. For when you plan on getting fancy just throw it over your dress and voilá! Warm and gorgeous!!





The bigger the better. If it’s not that thick, get two and wear them together. I’m obsessed with huge scarves and can’t remember there being so many good options in the shops before!



These will definitely keep you warm & the more colour, the more fun!!



7 More Hacks That Will Keep You Both Stylish & Warm

  • Wear two scarves at the same time. Everybody will ask you where you found “such a big lovely scarf” !!
  • Stock up on silk/wool blend stockings and tops for underneath whatever else you’re wearing. The brand Calida make really good stuff and I personally love this top for example. You won’t want to take it off when you get home haha..
  • Platform shoes keep your toes away from the ground which usually results in less cold feet.
  • Here is my favourite advice: drink tea in the morning before getting dressed. It’s common to feel cold and tired during winter mornings (which usually results in quite boring outfits) and so starting the day with a cup of warm tea definitely helps.
  • Keep in mind that some jewellery is made of metal and metal conducts cold. I was wearing a pair of gold plated earrings the other day and it felt like my ear tips were gonna fall off… avoiding metal accessories in general and replacing them with cool plastic or glass pieces is a good idea.
  • Find yourself some cool hats since (as you may already know) 80% of the body heat leaves via our heads.
  • Wear a belt! It keeps the winds from sneaking in under your coat!


 /Fashion Editor Sania Claus Demina

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