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How To: Not Be Awful At Styling Hair

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Schwarzkopf-bmw-knit-1I’m not really the type of girl who revels in the whole process of getting ready.

Growing up, I never spent time with any girlfriends who were interested in make-up or doing their hair – and most of my friends to this day are pretty relaxed about getting fancy for events and the like. It does make me a little frustrated having to spend too much time in the bathroom. I want it all to be fast and easy.

The downside for me is that is actually does take a bit of skill to create a look – especially for hair. I’m done my time not caring enough about my look and attended a few too many meetings and events looking like I’m on the wrong side of bed-head. Thankfully I have a a few solutions to create my look I’ve been working on – this one involved whipping out the good old curling iron.

So here’s how I created this look:

  • First I gave my hair a light spray with Schwarzkopf Styliste Ultime Sea Salt spray, just enough to put a bit of grit and hold through it. My hair was clean so I wanted it to lose a bit of that softness that also makes my hair super flat.
  • I used a medium sized curling iron to put a light curl throughout my entire hair. Wasn’t too bothered about missing a few patches.  Frankly using this thing takes a bit of practise, I only just purchased mine last week and I’ve already burnt myself many times. I’m getting better – it was a solid investment.
  • Combed it out throughly with a fine tooth comb. I really didn’t want that ‘just curled’ look, I want more of a ‘I woke up like this’ natural 90’s bouncy wave.
  • Sprayed the roots with Schwarzkopf Styliste Ultime Dry Shampoo to keep the volume pumped up. I still want my hair to be touchable (I’m a major hair flipper) so I can move it throughout the day.

As you can probably tell  – this is my go-to style – and there’s really a number of ways I can achieve variations. If I’m looking for the most volume and hold for an extended period of time, I’ll use mousse (you can see that post here). Sometimes I’ll flip and move my hair so much that it becomes flat just through having too much oil.

I feel like I have some kind of special power now that I’ve mastered doing my own hair… better late than never right?



Special thanks to Schwarzkopf for supporting this post! 🙂