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How To Dress Like A Streetstyle Star

Written by: Sania Claus Demina

Streetstyle isn’t really the best description of the stylish fashion crowd between shows anymore. A more correct term I read somewhere recently would be Fashion Week Style. 

I would argue that fashion week style is a streetstyle fantasy.

The women during fashion weeks around the world that streetstyle photographers capture for Vogue, Harpers Bazaar and so on, are almost equivalent to models on the runway, but with a different backdrop. Yes, these editors/influentials style themselves but their colleagues are stylists that have created the Chloé or Céline look, so again, in the end they all still got that great personal style and closet options of our dreams in common.


I was staying with Zanita (streetstyle darling to say the least!!) during NYFW in September and I really got an insight of how it really works. Always kept wondering how on earth these fashion week pros manage to look so fresh all the time. You know the feeling when you have been saving for a gorgeous let’s say new coat, and you get it and then wear it for the first time? That’s the kind of fresh I mean. That’s the kind of outfits they wear every day for a whole month. And I finally understand how its made possible.

We arrived a week before the fashion week madness started, partially to have some time to visit different showrooms to pull looks that the agencies then would send to the apartment. Some invitations to shows would come with outfit options even. Yes, like a dream come true. Surreal though. Which is my point.

I brought at least half of my entire closet to New York and still felt the need to sneak in Zanita’s part of our wardrobe space to be able to feel fashion week worthy.

It’s a lot of hard work though. I respect every fashionista who manage to cover all four cities and still wearing very inspiring looks the whole time. It takes lots of pulling, packing, unpacking, creativity, time, usually an intern or two, really good planning and outfit changes in several taxis while running across a million locations every day in big cities like New York (while trying to catch up with emails on the go). Also, it all has to be shot, selected, edited and posted, preferably as soon as possible. Lack of sleep is a constant issue. I’m sure you’ve heard this song before haha…but it really is impressive! The inspiration that is provided is essential to the whole industry.




Anywho, even though it might be unrealistic to keep up with this in real life, I definitely think there are tricks to apply when you want to feel like you’re on your way to a Ralph Lauren show in NYC on a regular Tuesday in your hometown:

  • Dare to wear bold colours and fun patterns like yellow, red, florals… even white can seem bold in winter!
  • Find a signature pair of sunglasses that represent you and wear them with everything.
  • Great accessories are key. I really love fun shoes and bags, like the Chiara Ferragni sandals or a pair of Alice + Olivia pumps with faces on them that I got a few seasons ago. It can also be modern classics or the latest it-pieces.
  • Wear your coat/jacket over the shoulders, the bag under the arm and juggle the phone at the same time. Make it look way more effortless than it sounds though ;).
  • Layering is something a lot of fashion week gals do. It’s fun, creative and interesting. A whole post about the art of layering is coming right up, so stay tuned for that!
  • Wear something monochromatic. It can be a colour, material or pattern. As long as it has a theme from top to bottom, you’ll instantly look like you came straight out of a Tommy Ton-shot.
  • Wear a super basic look and add one super on trend piece such as lace up shoes or thigh high boots.
  • Statement sweatshirts or bomber jackets are very popular among the streetstyle crowd and image slide shows. And its worn with everything from tight jeans and pumps, bare legs and boots or wide trousers with sneakers. Doesn’t really matter since all eyes are on the top.

Here are some awesome shopping tips I put together for you that will instantly add that Streetstyle (or Fashion Week Style) ness to your wardrobe, happy shopping!! ♥


As you guys know, Zanita has been shooting lots of streetstyle the past few years. I thought it would be fun to ask her about what she’s looking for when she shoots people on fashion week:

8646-Le-21eme-Adam-Katz-Sinding-Zanita-Whittington-Mercedes-Benz-New-York-Fashion-Week-Fall-Winter-2015-2016_AKS2645“When it comes to style style I always look out  for creative styling, pairing pieces together that really break the rules – and doing that with confidence!” – Zanita




/Fashion Editor Sania Claus Demina