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Give Me Endless Summer

Written by: Zanita Whittington


So often you don’t realise how much you need a summer getaway until you’re actually in the thick of it.

And boy, did I need this break. Not matter how much I might love my job, you can have too much of a good thing – and truly checking out and switching off was exactly what the doctor ordered.  Frankly I hadn’t stopped the high speed work train since the beginning of NYFW back in September and I was starting to go a little bit loco. Cue the maniacal laughter/tears. Escape essential.

So the irony of this post is I’m writing is from cold and dreary London town, where I’m in the tail end of a long work weekend cramming deadlines. It feels a million miles away and that’s because it kinda is – an eternity from my blissful pacific paradise. Gladly I have this photo series to remind me of what joy the sun can bring me!

Take me back to Tokoriki Island so I can eat pineapple slices, drink frozen margaritas and make friends with tropical fish all over again!

All clothing from Topshop Australia.