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Checking In From Paradise

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Hello from Paradise.


Island-tokoriki-fiji-helicopter-transfer-best-sheraton-perfect Island-tokoriki-fiji-helicopter-best Island-tokoriki-fiji-helicopter-best-perfect Island-tokoriki-fiji-helicopter-best-sheraton-perfect Island-tokoriki-fiji-helicopter

Bula from Fiji!

I’m behind on everything – emails, blog posts, catching up with friends. Sometimes when you feeling like you’re drowning in tasks, what you need most is time to yourself. So I’m hanging out right now by the pool on the island of Tokoriki, Fiji scoring some needed R&R. Gustav and I had made plans to go to Bali – which I was really excited about because I’ve never been – but due to the volcano ash cloud there was a risk we’d be stuck there longer than planned, leading to missing our return flight to London out of Sydney.

Thankfully we’ve been allowed to change our flights to a new destination and thus we’ve found some tropical bliss none the less. As you can see, we treated ourselves to a helicopter transfer to our hotel and the view was just magical. I’m going to do my best to keep up some content and share our little getaway with you all – so check out my snapchat for an insider view, @zanitazanita.

Thanks as always for your patience! Looking forward to getting stuck back into writing and creating great content for all of you with new inspiration and fresh eyes.