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Blue Daze

Written by: Zanita Whittington


Feeling a bit flat lately which makes it tough to pour my heart into my blog. No one likes a complainer – and it doesn’t make sense to feel crappy after I’ve just enjoyed a tropical escape.

But here we are.

Guess this is a feeling that could take any of us – like PMS that just won’t give in. I’ve actually been here before  – feeling even worse. I remember a few years back I wasn’t myself for sometime and I was trying to continue my blog and everything I wrote was just so shallow. I was faking it – or just documenting my activities soullessly. I remember something simple like forgetting to reply to a text would leave me guilty and paranoid for days. Simple daily chores felt like climbing a mountain. Motivation zilch. It just doesn’t make sense! Thankfully going through that, I’m better equipped for when that grey cloud takes me again.

So I’m flying to London today, which I’m looking forward to because I always find a change of scenery revitalising. Next step is to do some exercise, get outside (hopefully it’s not raining too much in London!) and try and eat as well as possible. For some people out there, it’s not as simple, and that I feel for them because talking about mental health isn’t easy. All of you should have experienced some form of this stress once in your life so the stigma attached really sucks.

Anyway, I’m sure I’ll be back to my cheery self, tapping away my more positive thoughts and life updates really soon. Today isn’t that day so I though I’d broach something a little more serious.

If you’re ever suffering from any kind of stress or depression and it’s tough to cope, talk to someone. There’s support out there for everyone!


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