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5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About The Most Iconic Designer Bags

Written by: Sania Claus Demina

For a true fashionista, her handbag is more than just a handbag! For me, it’s also about passion, the craftsmanship and a bit of fashion history. The relationship between bags and women is very special, isn’t it? Crazy that bags haven’t been around until only middle of the 1900s (when women started to work more and more outside their homes). Thats barely a hundred years… I still can’t really get my head around that fact haha!

Every fashionista remembers (or will remember) their first designer bag purchase.

Mine was an olive green-grey-ish patent Muse bag by YSL that I got in New York.
Which one’s yours? Or will/would be yours in the future?
Would be so much fun if you’d share it in the comments below!!


A designer bag coco chanel(just like designer shoes) can really add something special to your personal style and take it to the next level. A great bag is the kind that fits almost all your outfits everyday.

Everything is more fun when there is a story behind it, so I did a bit of reading and found out a few interesting facts about some of the most iconic designer bags that I’d like to share with you here now: 

1. The very famous and classic Chanel 2:55 bag got its name from the date it was launched, in February 1955. (This is one of the first things I learned when I found out about the world of fashion and got curious about six years ago!) Something new that I learned though is that rumours say that the reason the insides of the most classic Chanel bags are red has to do with the fact that Coco Chanel had weak eyesight and found it easier to find her stuff in the bag if the inside was red.

2. The iconic Knot clutch bag by Italian Bottega Veneta takes 8 hours to weave the leather, a technique also known as Intrecciato (now try to say that out loud, I failed big time…).

3. Louis Vuitton has been around since 1854 (which is longer than bags in general, they started off with luggage as you may know) and the most iconic models are Speedy (which was one of Audrey Hepburn’s favourite bags), Locket, Noe and Keepall. Louis Vuitton is said to be one of the worlds most counterfeited designer in history.


4. When Nicolas Ghesquiere first came up with the design of the Balenciaga Motorcycle Bags, it was first dismissed by the corporate heads of the fashion company. Ghesquiere managed to convince them to let him produce a few samples for the fashion show so that the models would have something to carry. Kate Moss fell in love with it and it went to production and is now one of the most popular bags in the world and contains several family members such as the City and First.

5. The Kelly bag by Hermès has 2600 hand stitches and you usually need to wait approximately 18 months to get it delivered. I imagine receiving a brand new Kelly for a woman is pretty equal to when a man buys himself a fancy car. The story behind the name goes that when Grace Kelly was getting engaged with the prince of Monaco, a photo of the actress wearing the bag was released of her getting a taxi on 5th avenue in NYC. This made the bag insanely popular and Hermès changed the name of it (that used to be just H) to Kelly, in 1956. Just like the Speedy bag by Louis Vuitton the Kelly was one of Audrey Hepburns favourites and is also on the top list of the world’s most counterfeited bags. 


Here are some really gorgeous designer bags worth investing in and that belong to the modern classics:


/Fashion Editor Sania Claus Demina


Photo Credits: Business of Fashion