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Why Getting Out is Good for Your State of Mind

Written by: Monica Bestek

Hello Spring. Hello good ol’ Sun, I have been missing you!

With the weather warming up in Australia, it’s the perfect time to get your sneakers on, get out and get it done.

bondi mbharper There is nothing better than the sun on your skin, a smile on your face and taking the time to enjoy the things around you.

We all have those days, no energy, no motivation, just want to laze around all day… BUT pull yourself together [WO]MAN and get out and go for a walk!

A quick walk to your local shops, a coffee and gander around your local nature reserve or park will get you out enjoying life. It’s also the perfect way to enjoy time with your friends and family, sharing the good vibes with those you care about. 

It’s all about clearing your mind and pressing reset.

Three Reasons You Should Get Out More

It will make you smile.

mbharper bondi The feeling of getting outside – especially when you are having a lazy day will make you feel more motivated and you will feel like you’ve done something positive – Which you have! So often we tell ourselves that having a lazy day is real treat when the truth is, your body and mind won’t be happy with you and you’ll start to feel flat. The real treat for yourself? Getting out into the world!

It clears your mind.

Take the time to focus on yourself. Getting out in the sun and getting your body moving will release good endorphins and help you relax. I love working through my problems while running, when I walk back through the door at home I’ve gained a new and more positive perspective.

You need to move.

If you’ve gotten your booty outside instead of watching that new series on Netflix? Good on you! Living your best life means putting one foot in front of the other and chasing down those endorphins – as much as we’d all like to know who Crazy Eyes is crushing on next – that episode is still going to be there when the sun goes down.  

Fun fact: Snoop Dogg goes for daily walks

So if your reading this now and about to hit play on the the first season of Game of Thrones (again…) – DON’T DO IT! Go put those sneakers on and get out!

P.S Remember to SLIP SLOP SLAP

#TheHarperMovement | Sweat. Move. Smile.

Article by Mon – M.B Harper

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