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Travelling Long Haul – The Vlog

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Hey friends!! I can’t remember if I put any of this on snapchat (I’m zanitazanita) but I certainly vlogged the bejesus out of my recent trip from NYC to Sydney.

I’m got a new camera for video (A Canon G7x) and I’m still figuring it out, it’s such high resolution that the damn thing is pretty unforgiving. I almost wish I wore some make-up for this flight – but then again – it’s so awful to wear anything but loads of moisturiser on a long haul. Apologies for the lack of focus and erratic framing, I promise I’m going to get better at this.

I could definitely get used to flying Business class! I hope you all get the chance once in your lives because it’s very fun way to travel. The attendants on Cathay Pacific really make you feel like a million dollars and it makes what would normally be quite a harrowing journey a total breeze. Gustav even got to order a fresh cheeseburger! Can you imagine? I had a seared tuna salad.

I got off the plane feeling pretty awesome considering the hours we spent in the air (about 29 hours) and it was a boon considering we were due to fly to Melbourne for work the following day. Kicked that jetlag in the butt!

Now I know what it feels like to be Beyonce. 

zanita khaki4Thank you so much to Cathay Pacific for supporting us on this journey – #lifewelltravelled indeed!