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The Right and Wrong Way – Cleavage!

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Marques-almeida-emporio-armani-furlaFrankly I don’t think there’s many wrong ways to show cleavage…

It’s really just a question of confidence and timing. I guess it would be ill-advised to show too much if you’re extremely well endowed and touring conservative parts of the world, not because you don’t look fabulous (you probably do!) but because people can be mean and short sighted, judgemental – and nobody needs to be told they aren’t good enough or worse. Maybe a funeral isn’t the right place either, because it’s about mourning and not your fabulous fun bags. Don’t expose your chest too much at job interviews – because you don’t want the job in THAT way. Seems obvious.

As you can already tell – this is a very low cut dress… and perhaps the only the second time (the first would be this – and actually a favourite of mine!) I’ve worn something of the like on my blog. One of the reasons I don’t really like showing so much cleavage is that my skin is so white, my boobs become like beacons in the freakin’ night – and of course, I don’t like being stared at. Incidentally another post where I sort-of ‘brought the girls out’ to play.

So steeled up, walking out the door with this look. ‘They look great! It’s much – but not TOO much.” I told myself. Looking back at some of the streetstyle pics though, I did feel a bit self conscious about my choice. Not because my bewbs are really out there – but really because of that darn colour contrast. It’s like LOOK AT MY BOOOOOOBS!!!!

Anyway, it’s done now and Fashion week is the time to be flashy. When in Rome!

Well, actually it was Milan. I wore this look to the Giorgio Armani show. Viva Italia!


coat, Vintage

dress, Emporio Armani

jeans, Marques Almeida

ballet pumps, Chloe

bag, Furla

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