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The Day I Went ‘Body Conscious’

Written by: Zanita Whittington

It’s a really rare occurrence for me to wear something so form fitting.

Everyone has their hang ups – I’m typically uncomfortable being/looking sexy. It stems a little from being so tall, I tend to draw some looks for the simple fact and I don’t like it. It’s not missed on me – the irony that someone who created a site about and named after themselves isn’t fond of attention – but it’s a particular kind of attention, from men.

It’s not something I’ve ever learnt to appreciate and makes me pretty uncomfortable.

So as you can imagine, I was a little nervous stepping out in this look, but I just loved the style so much! I was gratefully invited to Missoni HQ in Milan to select an outfit for the show  (that post is HERE) and couldn’t resist going all in with the seventies vibes. So it’s probably the most ‘figure revealing’ outfit I’ve worn here in at least 5/6 years – but it felt great! In a sense it felt like getting into character, like Beyonce with her ‘Sasha Fierce’ alter ego, but a hell of alot less co-ordinated at dancing.  I was some kind of retro superhero fantasy girl!

I hope I can feel more confident wearing these kind of outfits in the future… but then again, I also hope guys would quit making lecherous and inappropriate comments to women and that seems unlikely.

C’est La Vie!

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Shoes, Belt, Pants and Top – Missoni Resort

bag – Furla