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New York Streetstyle Super Disco Electric Mania

Written by: Zanita Whittington

In cased you’ve missed it, streetstyle is fast becoming an enormous part of the business of fashion week.

The photographers come in droves and it’s highly competitive. I’ve done my dash, going deep into the scene and getting right in the thick of the hustle… but it’s not my forte. I actually love shooting streetstyle – but I can’t really attend shows, photograph them effectively, create personal style content and commit myself to all the extra curricular activities that comes with the chaos and do a great job of all of it. It’s a lesson I’ve learnt from running my own business, you can’t expect to do everything and do it well and spreading yourself thin trying to conquer it all means you won’t be able invest time on focused skills and expanding.

This season, shooting streetstyle took a backstep.  I just snapped a little of it incidentally and only in NYC. Looking at my pics, I really wish I could have done more… but that means less of something else, and there’s already so many photographers way ahead of the game.

So I just have this little piece of fun. Hope you enjoy!

Girl-in-silk-dress-streetstyle Camille-over-the-rainbow-streetstyle Viva-Luxury-Streetstyle-4eva Skater-girl-stylefeathers-dress-streetstyletaylor-hill-streetstyle-victoria-secret-stylephotography and editing, Zanita Whittington