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MFxZanita – The Last Dress In Milan

Written by: Zanita Whittington


Checking in with you all from Paris Fashion Week and sharing this look from Milan – it’s not my last one from there! I think I have about 3 looks remaining from New York and 3  from Milan… plus I’ve already snapped one here in Paris, which goes live tonight. Excited for that one because we really had the chance to do something special with the imagery. I’m sure you’ll like!

Wishing I had more hours in the day to edit and share and write more about my fashion week experience with you all. I can’t even put down all my thoughts here because Gustav and I are changing hotels. We’ve both been busy planning the coming weeks ahead, quite challenging to do at the last minute, mostly because its SO expensive to book flights with very little notice. We don’t really have a choice in the matter because much of our work is booked just a week or two before, you always have to be at the ready to pack up and go in this career! Luckily I had a bit of conditioning for this with my modelling career, which generally is even more intense. Typically I wouldn’t learn about a job until the day before! It proved to be pretty stressful when my finances were tight because I never knew what was coming ahead. So often right before I hit 0 on my bank balance, I’d get some sort of windfall. That’s luck for you!

Anyway this was quite the babbling post… I can’t gather my thoughts today! So much to do.

Hope you’re all still enjoying all the Fashion Week content out there. xx


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