How To Make Vegan Panna Cotta Puddings

Written by: Ben Orkin


Lately I’ve been struggling to keep up with my blogger life. It’s quite sad cause it’s my favourite life. I’ve had very little time at all to make anything and that sucks! This past week was the first week of the fourth term of school, meaning the last term of grade 11 (I’m nearly there!). I’ve already been loaded with projects and test dates. It’s extremely overwhelming especially because I have to start worrying about where I’m going to study after school and if I can even get in. It’s a good thing to have a day off to do what I love, to relax and slow down for a few hours.

Also in other amazing news, I have been placed on a list of South Africa’s rising stars by one of South Africa’s top home and decor magazines! I am so unbelievably proud to be together on a list with so many other talented South Africans! Please vote for your favourite nominee (hopefully it’s me ;)) here!


This recipe is based on a recipe I made a few weeks back. It was this amazingly delicious and creamy Almond Pudding made using milk, rice, almonds, cornstarch and a few other ingredients. When I posted the recipe one of my followers asked if they could replace the milk for almond milk, as they were vegan. I was so disappointed with myself for not coming up with that idea myself, but then I was thankful to her. I’ve been meaning to make this recipe for a while now and am so happy I did! So here are my Vegan Panna Cotta puddings.

These little individual pudds are made using rice milk which means that they making are completely vegan. Just because they are vegan doesn’t mean that they aren’t good. I think that people seem to think that vegan food lacks flavour and substance, but that really is not the case, especially with these little pudds. Rice flour is made with actual rice grains which are soaked in water. The liquid that is squeezed out of the grain is the milk. The milk is very high in Vitamin B, which is essential to your metabolism circulation and nerve functions. Drinking it can also give your immune system a great boost! It has a wonderful nutty flavour and velvety texture. I’ve used cornstarch as the setting agent in this recipe. The cornstarch makes them set so quickly, unlike normal Panna Cotta which can take up to 6 hours to set. This one is ready within two hours of it sitting in the refrigerator. Also like my last recipe with the apple crumble, this recipe is free from processed sugar. I don’t think its necessary for me to tell you again about agave syrup so take a look at this recipe to find out more. These are the creamiest little vegan puddings perfect served with honey, cinnamon and flaked almonds.


Vegan Panna Cotta Puddings

Makes 6 small individual puddingsIMG_2031


  • 4 tbs corn flour
  • 750ml rice milk
  • 100ml agave syrup
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract


Place your cornstarch in a bowl and pour about 100ml of your rice milk over it. Mix into a thick paste. Add the remainder of your rice milk and agave syrup to the bowl and mix until all ingredients are completely incorporated together.

Transfer the mixture into a heavy based saucepan and over a medium heat. Mix constantly until the mixture comes to a light boil. Turn down the temperature slightly and continue mixing until it has thickened. It should resemble a pudding like consistency.

Remove from the heat. Add your vanilla extract into the mixture and mix. Pour into a jug to make the next step easier.


Prepare six small moulds (I used glasses and espresso cups). Pour equal amounts of the pudding into each mould. Place into the fridge and leave to set for 2 hours.

Remove from moulds and serve with honey, almond flakes and cinnamon.


Happy Pudding Making!


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