Written by: Zanita Whittington

We all know for a fine fact that Paris is the worlds most instagrammable city. The proof? It’s the birthplace of the Laduree macaroon and the home of the Eiffel tower. Enough said.


Paris also happens to be one of the most majestic and photogenic cities on the planet, which is why if you’re ever in Paris and you happen to be a blogger (or you just wanna nail some great tourist shots) it’s very important to make the most of your imagery. Paris is the most perfect during Autumn/Fall season – when the leaves become golden and the light is bright white. My favourite time of year for styling and shooting!

Here’s my Top 5 Tips for Snapping Looks in Paris.

1. Don’t be afraid of depth.Zanita-H&M-Refinery-29-1

If you’re shooting a look, you don’t have to resort to shooting against a wall to secure a quality image. So many streets are filled beautiful details that only Paris can offer – and extra points for snaps with the Eiffel Tower and Jardin De Tuillieries. 

2.  Pick the right light.

Capitalise on your Paris imagery by always shooting in the right light. Either sunset or sunrise on sunny days and around the middle of the day when it’s overcast. We snapped these images around 5pm and you can see I’ve taken full advantage of direct sun that’s low in the sky – but also used the trees to filter and highlight my face for an interesting effect. It’s amazing how much better the light was at 5.30pm vs 4pm. Waiting always pays off! 

Zanita-H&M-Refinery-29-83. Pose by some statues.

There’s endless monuments and beautiful statues in Paris and its a truly epic look to bust some serious poses draped around them. No cheesy smiling and peace signs here! Posing is serious business it’s never going to look out of context when you’re posing up a storm beside a dramatic monument. This is a hugely referenced technique by loads of professional Fashion Photographers. Werk it! 

4. Balcony and bridges for the win.

Zanita-H&M-Refinery-29-3Another tried and true method for the perfect Parisian picture is a good pose hanging over a bridge or a balcony. So often even the cheap hotels have gorgeous vista’s from their windows. The ultimate bridge to photograph from in Paris is the Pont Alexandre III, my Lucky Magazine cover was snapped there and you’re guaranteed to spot a bride and groom at almost all times… plus you can catch the Eiffel tower from there!

5. Vary your framing.

If you’re going to get the full scope of Paris in its glory, it’s a great idea to take a few steps back and capture the city in broad view. My favourite wide framing is to place yourself right in the bottom of the image and have the scenic details stretching up, leading the eye in a portrait style shot. 

Gustav and I snapped these images in collaboration with H&M and Refinery 29 for the Autumn campaign #HMFALLINLOVE. I was feeling so chic in this look – it’s the perfect outfit heading day to night and an added bonus for me, it’s super comfortable. Look forward to sharing more Autumn/Fall looks from Paris and Fashion Week really soon! 

 pants and shirt, H&M Fall Collection