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Checking In and Checking Out: New York

Written by: Zanita Whittington

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Hi, Bye. Another flying visit to NYC.

IMG_0016This time it’s feeling a little different because Gustav and I assumed we’d be back for GOOD in three weeks. Turns out that’s not the case. We’re applying for a particular kind of VISA related to our Swedish company and in order to apply, we need to have been running it for a year. Wasn’t going to be a problem, because we’re clocking up a year in December – but as it happens – every day that we spend here in the States counts against our go date. So now it’s late January.

Meanwhile, we’ve already rented out our apartment, so we’ve no place to live. Intially I felt a bit flooded with doubts about what we should be doing next, where should we go? The miracle with our work is that it really happens wherever we are… so the question is – where do we dream to go??? We’ve got some friends in Bali and I’ve actually never been (surprising, given I’m an Aussie) so that’s on the list. Next up I’d LOVE to go back to Japan, such an exciting place to visit, the most gracious people and the best food and wonderful to photograph! I’d also love to visit Seoul – it’s such a hotspot for style and new ideas.

Gustav and I are thinking of purchasing a round the world ticket! How fun huh?

I shouldn’t jump the gun, because best laid plans tend to astray and this lifestyle doesn’t come cheap. I still need to flex my index finger and get snapping so we can keep our heads above water and the jobs can pull me all around the place. I figured I’d just share my thoughts, would love to hear of any suggestions of wonderful places to visit particularly throughout Asia.

So we’re onto Australia for three weeks! Melbourne and Sydney. I have a series of projects and some exciting partnerships – plus it’s a chance to catch up with friends.

Really really looking forward to a proper holiday soon. Thanks so much to all of you for all your support as always. LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

Special thanks to Sixty LES for supporting us while in NYC, was such a delight to have a sunfilled haven to return to after crazy days of traffic and meetings. You can check out our room tour on Facebook HERE. These pics were snapped in the Lobby and on our room balcony!