An Outfit To Give You Confidence – MFxZanita

Written by: Zanita Whittington


Obviously I’m a great advocate of dressing up for fun.

That means colour and comfort, prints and denim, flats and loose silhouettes. So how can I have my cake and eat it too? I feel like this look I wore in Paris for the Balenciaga show (don’t miss my edit HERE) still ticked all my boxes but also repped some really Lady Boss vibes. Here’s why!

  1. 2A5A7757The H&M booties are mid height, so they were comfortable, but the patent finish takes it up a notch. A girl who means business needs to look the part. In the words of a fellow Aussie bad ass babe we know “I’m so fancy”.

  2. The skirt is Ellery… need I say more? It’s really the satin finish and the cut that make this piece so elegant. The real take home is that it’s super comfortable – and wearing a longer skirt means there’s no risk of flashing my knickers which is decidedly NOT something a confident girl in control of the situation should be allowing to happen.

  3. This shirt is from Balenciaga (squeee!!) and it’s just a great cut for my body – athletic styles. Means I’m feeling confident because I know I’m doing it right and the stripes give it just enough personality that, in the words of Riri and Bey, I’m feeling myself.

  4. This Delvaux handbag is the most elegant and beautifully made piece I own. Damn it’s so lovely I feel like I should be wearing it as a crown and not a bag… maybe for another post.

Seems so easy doesn’t it? You can still dress for comfort but look like you mean business. Get it!

top, Balenciaga

skirt, Ellery

bag, Delvaux

boots, H&M

necklace, Swarovski

watch, Mont Blanc


photos by me/Sara Donaldson

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