Written by: Zanita Whittington


I’ll forever be an escapist.

It’s why I love style so much, because each day you dress to style yourself as the character you want to me – and you can style yourself as someone completely different the next.

So what character wears these dreamy creations by Sarah Burton? I can see a dozen fantasies, my favourite being the fey creature of the forest or otherworld. One day I hope to have the chance to loan some of these looks, to create that imagery that comes to mind when I imagine the story of the wearer. I love period and fantasy films, so it would be exciting to take my references from there. This collection would be the perfect starting point.

It was such a delight to be present and photograph these beautiful dresses at Alexander McQueen in Paris! Hope you all enjoy these images. There’s still much more to come from the runways of Fashion Month from me.

Photography and Editing, Zanita WhittingtonAlexander McQueen SS16 1

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