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5 Ways To Wear A Bold Print

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Are you a minimalist or a maximalist when it comes to style? Or maybe somewhere in between?

More is More.

Well that’s clearly what I subscribe to. I love the way all the Scandi girls dress – and my Aussie friends like Mandy, Sara and Kaitlyn – but I just don’t really possess that delicate touch. I like dressing up to feel like a party where everyone is invited!

Prints and patterns are a big part of my style – which is why I have such an affinity for Finnish Label Marimekko. Bold and chic – and I can see a thousand different ways to style each piece. Printed garments can be the most versatile pieces you own because they can be worn as a feature or combined with other statement pieces to create a characterful look.

Here’s 5 ways I’d work this Marimekko silk printed shirt…

  1. As I’ve styled it, with jeans and accesories that compliment/match the burgundy tones.

  2. With a black/navy or grey suit jacket and trousers. I’d probably go with oversized and flared.

  3. A black leather mini skirt and a sleek, pointed heel.

  4. A clashing print skirt  (maybe a grey/muted blue plaid or something with a stripe like THIS) and white sneakers.

  5. Under an amazing all-in-one like THIS – or even under a cute denim pinafore – paired with a statement shoe.


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shirt, Marimekko

jeans, Raey

shoes, Jimmy Choo

bag, Louis Vuitton

belt, Rodebjer

sunglasses, Celine

watch, Mont Blanc

scarf, Polo Ralph Lauren

created in Collaboration with Marimekko