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When NYFW Is Right Around The Corner

Written by: Sania Claus Demina

Sitting in my hotel bed at The Standard Hotel and about to get ready for my first New York Fashion Week show this season!

It’s really amazing to be back in New York! Thanks to both Zanita Studio and GANT/Damernas Värld (the 75 year old beautiful fashion magazine in Sweden that I work for) I got the opportunity to once again experience fashion week in New York. My third year in a row!! Exciteeeed!!


Find more photos and the outfit details on this outfit on my blog HERE

So curious about what shows I’ll get to attend haha, some of the tickets get confirmed on the same day. Managed to score Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger last year (to name a few favourites) and had some of my most amazing fashion experiences ever (google POLO Ralph Lauren SS15 show in Central Park.. I was there, and still dying about it..)!! Not sure how to top off last year but doing my best!!




So far so good!!

This time we arrived a few days before the shows start which has been great since we could settle down, go to some PR agencies and pull looks, do meetings, kill the jetlag, get manicure/pedicure and so on! Such a luxury.. usually I’ve arrived in the big apple and just rushed to a show and it’s all been very chaotic. Things do feel pretty chaotic already but hopefully you guys will sense some sense from us here haha..


I was packing a whole night before going here…really tried to put together all my looks in advance which is very hard since you never know what the weather will be like. Hopefully I’m all set. I did bring loads of clothes last year too, but still ended up feeling like I had nothing to wear haha… crossing fingers that won’t happen too much this time.

Very excited about the two shows I’m attending tonight: GANT and RODEBJER. Sweden represent!! Just finished styling my look. The initial idea was to wear a full look by each designer for both shows but since I have less than no time to change between them I’ll go for a Rodebjer white shirt paired with an amazing pair of grey trousers by Gant. It’ll be a pretty casual look that will be topped off with my Stella McCartney slingbacks. Hopefully I get to snap a photo of my look and show you on my blog (find it HERE) later.


OK, gotta steam my shirt and put some makeup on. Time flies and I need to go through some emails and get some work done before I meet up with the Swedish ELLE Editor in Chief Cia Jansson in the lobby who’s also here with GANT. The meeting up with Zanita at the show, fun!! Lovely to chat with you a bit guys!! ♥

Sania Claus Demina