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What It’s Like To Go To New York Fashion Week

Written by: Zanita Whittington


I’ve been lucky enough to have attended #NYFW five times now…

Nicole Warne and Zanita Morgan

Each time has brought along a ton of new experiences. The best thing about fashion week would have to be the city itself. There’s something new and exciting around ever corner, the food is spectacular, the people are larger than life and you can really find whatever you’re looking for. It’s the city of opportunity.

The toughest part is getting here.

Flights from Australia are really expensive, accommodation is ABSURDLY expensive and getting around (call me a diva, but heels on the subway are not an option for me!) over the course of the week will hurt your wallet when it comes to Uber/taxis. It’s something I’ve weighed up in the past and decided to pass on seasons because the cost/benefit simply didn’t make sense for my business. Thankfully I’ve reached the point where it’s worth it for me, because I’m booking jobs during the week and because it helps me build strong relationships with important clients.


I feel a little bit awkward talking about the ‘visibility’ factor. 10 years of being in front of the camera has meant I’m not shy at all about being photographed – and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t benefited over the years, being published in  street style articles. There’s an element about it that people in the industry find embarrassing, maybe it’s also that it’s really bloggers who embraced the scene better than anyone – and not everyone really supports the ‘new guard’.  So that’s another reason to go to fashion week… which means, your wardrobe better be worth it!


Thankfully, I’m able to loan pieces now to survive me the week. I wouldn’t like to take any of those clothes home because I’m a practical girl and I don’t need it all! Wearing something you feel fabulous in is essential because arriving at the shows can be a crazy experience. There’s hundreds of photographers and sometimes you can find yourself swarmed by them which is totally surreal and a lesson in being self conscious. The chaos outside is more intense than the process of getting inside to your seat. There must be so much money being invested in what’s going on outside the shows these days…

Sometimes I feel like the action on the runway is over in the blick of an eye!

There’s such a build up to getting dressed and getting in and out, that the few minutes of actual runway show goes by way too quickly. It’s magic when you see something really innovative or just plain beautiful. I also love the music, how it takes you on the journey. I always dream of editorials when I’m watching the runway and it’s a reminder of why I fell in love with this industry in the first place.


My time in New York is crazy, every moment gets filled with action. Usually I’ll endeavour to not exceed 3 or 4 shows a day, simply because I don’t want to take the seats of someone who could deliver more to a designer. There’s only so much I can share with you all – because I’m just one person! This season we have Sania with us so I’m pretty pumped to create even more fashion content with her by my side. Beyond shows there’s events, meetings and showings – and of course the parties, which are arguably the most important because that’s when the real networking begins. I HATE networking… I’m just bad at it – but I’ve come to accept that it’s the best way further yourself in the industry. Sometimes I find its a bit shallow but I also recognise it doesn’t have to be. I like to give my best to relationships so I find it stressful to build so many.


New York Fashion Week can be a whole load of fun but if you want to make the best of it, it really should be one of the hardest working weeks of the year. I really hope I can share more and more this season with the help of our little team – and I hope you all enjoyed this retrospective on some of my #nyfw looks!


Photos by Phil Oh Tommy Ton, Adam Katz Sinding, Candice Lake, Yangmin Zhao, Michael Dumler