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The Happiest Dress at NYFW

Written by: Zanita Whittington

In case you haven’t been introduced to Marimekko, here’s a (quite loud) introduction.

The Finland based brand is know for it’s original prints and colours, born out of a post WWII era with a mind to make people smile with vibrant hues and design. Most excitingly, they have newly appointed Anna Teurnall who came over from And Other Stories as their Creative Director and the new collection is chicer than ever.

I wore this dress to attend shows at NYFW and it was one of my favourite looks, for it’s ease of wear and that print, it really felt like a celebration! I love the way the fabric moved also, whipping around my body – making it incredibly fun to photograph.

marimekko-pink-flowers marimekko-pink-flowers-maxi-new marimekko-pink-flowers-maxi-new-york-hillier copy marimekko-pink-flowers-maxi-new-york

Thanks so much to Marimekko for sending me this fabulous dress! Comfortably one of my most favourite and memorable looks from NYFW.

dress, Marimekko

bag, Hillier Bartley

shoes, Nike

sunglasses, Celine

Photography, Rebecca Speiser

Editing and Art Direction, Zanita Whittington