8 Easy Tricks That Instantly Will Make Your Outfit Look Expensive

Written by: Sania Claus Demina

This (and this) is all you’ll ever need to know about how to make your outfits look expensive!

One of my favourite things to do when it comes to styling is to make cheap clothes look expensive. It happens very often that people think I’m wearing designer stuff when actually its all very much budget. Styling is key and there are tricks I keep applying when I try to make high street appear as high end. I am very excited about sharing this list with you as its very easy things you just need to have in mind! Really hope you’ll enjoy it and please share any other tricks you might have!!


1. Steaming / Pressing / Ironing

It’s absolutely crazy how much a piece of clothing can change by just having it ironed/steamed/pressed! Wrinkles make anything expensive look cheap and having cheap stuff pressed instantly looks way more luxurious than it might be. A steamer is usually an easy and cheap investment that will change your closet forever. If you have the privilege of living somewhere where it doesn’t cost you a fortune to have it pressed, do it! And whatever you find in a store that is rumpled, just leave it there. Don’t, I repeat, don’t bring it home. 

2. Take Care Of Your Things

Just as making sure things are well steamed is important, taking care of your stuff in general is. I rather go spend money on sending in a bunch of boots and pumps to the shoe maker than get new footwear. It’s also a very environmentally friendly action, important!! Worn out heels don’t look sexy, just go get them changed, takes no time and usually will cost you close to nothing. You’ll be surprised about how new they seem. Best part? They don’t feel new = no sore feet. Awesome!! Also, make sure you have your leather polished, suede brushed and whatever you wear got to be clean. Stains can really ruin your look. If a button falls off, get it back on, ASAP.

3. Always Have A Lint Roller Nearby

Your lint rollers are just as important as your lip balm. You gotta have them laying around here and there. I always carry a mini version in my handbag. Fluffy things like to get stuck on coats, trousers etc and it can really ruin your look.

4. Make Sure Your Clothes Fit You

A blazer that doesn’t fit well might look like a cheap thing you found on the forgotten sales rack, no matter where its from. Same goes for outerwear, trousers and so on. If you get a pair of trousers and they’re too long, fix it. If you have a blazer that has too short arms, roll upp the sleeves. If isn’t perfect around your waist, get a cool belt. There are plenty of tricks to make sure your stuff fits you, or at least seem to. Don’t wear anything too small, its like a shortcut to looking cheap…

5. Stay Fresh

Really, if you got your manicure and pedicure done, your look will easily have a more expensive vibe. Take a shower, wash your hair and style it a bit. Wash off your make up every night and so on. All those beauty related things that keeps you fresh will help you on your mission of looking like a million bucks. Take the time (doesn’t have to be much at all). It’s worth it!


This whole look is made of clothes from a high street
brand and many of my friends were surprised
by the fact that this skirt costs less than 40 euros, the bag
was less than 20 euros, the jumper also under 40 euros.
A thing I didn’t add to the list but that is worth mentioning
is that sometimes a monochrome look will also have
an expensive looking effect. You’ll find the full look
with credits here.

6. Timeless Pieces

A trenchcoat, black blazer, little black dress or black pumps are just a few of those classics you most definitely will look expensive wearing no matter the price tag. As long as you follow the rest of this list, you’re all set.

7. Change Up The Details

Looking expensive is a lot about knowing what looks cheap – and avoid it. And very often it’s about spotting the details. Changing the buttons on a blazer or coat for example, will make a HUGE difference. I have a coat that cost me about 50 bucks and the moment I changed the buttons on it everyone keep asking me what designer I got it from. Also, removing excessive hardware might help a lot. Recently got myself a pair of lace hipsters at a high street shop. They had this little bling thing on the bow at the front which made them look tacky cheap so I cut it off and now can walk around pretending I got some Stella McCartney undies on. Win!

8. Invest In Great Accessories

It doesn’t have to be designer stuff (it helps though and is totally worth it) but great accessories can work wonders when it comes to styling yourself. I got myself a pair of Christian Louboutin pumps many years ago and I swear they could even make my pyjama look like couture. If you’re on a tight budget, just keep your eyes open during sale periods or search on outlets. Or stay tuned for for all great shoppingtips that constantly pop up here on Zanita Studio.


Really hope you liked this list and please share your own thoughts and ideas in the comment section below!

Sania Claus Demina