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10 Things About Fashion Week In Stockholm SS16

Written by: Sania Claus Demina

You know that moment when you see something so pretty, your heart skips a beat?

(Article by Fashion Editor Sania Claus Demina)


That happened when I saw the magical dresses at the Ida Sjöstedt SS16-show. I ended up texting Ida (the designer) heart emojis during the show and ran backstage right after. Feeling so lucky and happy that I managed to snap these photos. How beautiful?! Agh, makes me so proud about Swedish fashion!! So now i thought I’d guide you through…

.…Fashion Week in Stockholm…

…which really is just three days long but yet very intense and full of inspiring shows, events and parties. I appreciate the fact that all locations are pretty much in the same spot and that the weather was perfection this season. NYFW is just about to start but first i thought I’d tell you about 10 things you should know about Fashion Week in Stockholm and the SS16-shows:
sania claus demina backstage ida sjostedt ss16 floral dress blommig klanning ss16 stockholm fashion week_12


1. Ida Sjöstedt SS16

Ok, I sort of already gave you my main impression of this show but just look at this… dreamy beautiful gorgeousness. Can’t wait to try on all of them. Ida Sjöstedt is known for her very special design which maybe isn’t the first thing you think of when you think of Swedish fashion, am I right? I think her work is refreshing around all the minimalism that takes up the majority of the pieces that are shown. I really liked that this was the opening show of the ‘week’. 


2. The White Suit

The most definite trend from the Swedish designers for spring 2016 is the white suit. Almost every show had a white amazing suit in it and here are a few favourites. From left to right: By Malina, Carin Wester, Lamija, Stylein




3. What people were wearing

Really exciting to see that (that now is redirecting to!) feature Fashion Week in Stockholm and also the streetstyle. Streetstyle just never gets boring and here are some of the snaps that Søren Jepsen shot for See all the images HERE. 


4. Stand SS16

STAND is a quite new Swedish designer that makes expertly designed and crafted high fashion leather pieces at an accessible price. How lovely? Really loving these two pieces from the presentation they had at Bukowskis. 

sania claus demina STAND ss16 fashion week stockholm leather dress sania claus demina STAND ss16 fashion week stockholm leather kimono

5. The Carin Wester SS16 Shoes

These are the shoes everybody were talking about. By Carin Wester. I borrowed the image from the Swedish Fashion Blogger Madelene Billman. Aren’t they awesome?!


6. Lunch at Berns Asiatiska

Since almost all the shows were helt at Berns Salonger it was the perfect excuse to have the delicious sushi at Berns Asiatiska. Yummmieeeee!! 


7. Filippa K SS16

Filippa K has been one of the most popular brands in Sweden lately and I was very excited to go to their show. Really loved that burgundy dress and also all the models were really beautiful!! Congratulations also to Nina Bogstedt who is the designer for Filippa K and who got the Damernas Värld Guldknappen 2015 award this year. ♥



8. Altewai Saome

Gorgeous, just gorgeous!!! The sisters behind this fashion house always give Swedish minimalism some twists, love that!! PS. Giovanna Battaglia was there!!


9. Björn Borg

Björn Borg always makes a crazy show and this time they decided to build up the planet Mars since the theme and collection was all about the Mars One Project. Have you heard of it? A bunch of people gets a one way ticket to Mars in 2027 (?!) and they’ll make a reality show about it. Anyways: the Björn Borg collection was all about what these folks should wear while training for their new lives at Mars hehe.. oh and 4 of the chosen ones attended the show. If they actually go to planet Mars, doesn’t it make them Aliens?? Borrowed this photo form Julian Hernandez


10. Lamija SS16

A very new Swedish designer that everybody were talking about was Lamija. Here is a photo I snapped of the finale:  



Ok now: time to check in at the Standard Hotel and get ready for NEW YORK FASHION WEEK!! ♥

article by Fashion Editor Sania Claus Demina