Personal Development

Why I Hate The Internet

Written by: Zanita Whittington

No No! I’m sorry Internet!! I didn’t mean that – I really love you!


Contrasted mindset aside, how much has the internet changed out lives? It boggles my mind to think there are people in their early 20’s who haven’t truly experienced much of what life was like before the the internet or 3g was even around. I remember very clearly when Phones first started to have online connection… it wasn’t even that long ago!

And in the years to come, this era will become known as the connected era. My grandchildren will ask me the question-

“What was it like before people had internet to carry around with them?”

I’m 29 now and I remember when my parents first got dial-up at home, I must have been about 13 or 14 years old. I remember modelling in Germany and having to get my castings by phone call, having to go home to my apartment to check my emails. I remember when the iPhone first became available in Australia, when I was first able to find an address by using Maps on my phone. I remember when Facebook began to become popular  – and now social media is a huge part of all of our lives. People my age have the unique view of experiencing both sides, being around before the internet became huge and young enough to have adapted to the changes as they happened very quickly.

This is the digital revolution! We’re living it!

Outfit-23hMaybe its the beginning of the end. I feel constantly distracted. My attention span is so short, I find it difficult to sit through a whole movie, I get bored and fidgety – and I think about my phone. Sometimes when I’m hanging out with my friends, I find it challenging to stay focused on the conversation. I guess it’s because I’m in deep with social media, it’s part of my job to use it regularly – and the more I use it, the more successful I’m likely to become (in a way).  I feel like I’m exposed to so much information everyday that not so much surprises me anymore.

I really wonder if by entering this new age with technology and the internet, we’re losing something else. How will it change the way people interact in the future? Will be all have the attention span of a gnat? Will we be unable to appreciate the real nature and beauty around us or to truly live in the moment?

I’m excited and concerned for the future all at once. Everything changes with a real pace. We are connected like never before – and that’s how I’ve been able to build this business, through sharing with you all – all around the world! More recently I’ve been able to share live video on Facebook Live, and communicate directly with anyone who tunes in. Over the last few days, these videos have been watched by thousands and thousands of people. I feel like this could be a new wave of social, along with Snapchat, Meercat, Periscope.  (You can see my live videos on my Facebook page HERE)

Wonder what else is right around the corner? Would love to hear your thoughts on this too. xx