How Workout Wear Became Everyday Cool

Written by: Monica Bestek


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Ok, let’s back it up. Let’s talk about why activewear is suddenly super stylish and why it’s ok to wear it out and about, even when your not exercising or traveling to and from the gym!

Let’s be honest, it’s one of those guilty pleasures and we all do it. Sports bra, sweat pants… oh feels so good! Those days where you have a whole list of errands to run or your brunching with a friend and just not bothered to get all dressed up. Just throw on your sweats and look effortlessly stylish – because we all now know that workout gear is actually trending hard and everyone thinks you’re Wonder Woman because you’ve seemingly just gone/on the way to the gym – #PropsToYou #Fitspo. 

Here are three reasons why wearing sweats is ok when you’re not actually gym bound…

  1. It makes you feel good, even though you haven’t have gone to the gym (even though you probably should have… but hey, you’re human) you’re getting things done and you’re feeling good about it
  2. Off Duty – On Trend. Sports-luxe is extremely popular, so technically you’re on trend – perhaps wearing activewear to fashion week is next! ( hmm we’ll see :P)
  3. It gives you motivation to actually do some exercise. If you have your workout gear on you’re half way there to actually going. BOOM pretty good reason to throw those sweats on 🙂

halfbodyTips on how to wear workout gear when your not working out 

  • Wear a vest or jacket that has pockets so you can put your phone, keys, and money in them – Nothing worse then seeing girls clutching everything they need in one hand.
  • Carry a drink bottle with you – Great way to stay hydrated.
  • Layer – tie a jumper around your waste – gives a more relaxed look.
  • Wear your hair up – something is a little off seeing girls in activewear with their hair down – Come on, you can’t workout with all that in your face – Look the part.
  • Don’t wear your old sweats out – Still take pride in what you look like, ditch the old muddy runners or spruce them up with a toothbrush and elbow grease.

 I would love to know your opinions on wearing activewear when your not exercising, do you agree?

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